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The Right Scoop
29 Apr 2023
Fred T

NextImg:‘The donors are calling ME’: Trump tells Steve Bannon donors are dumping ‘DeSanctimonious’ and coming to him

Former president Donald Trump told former Trump administration adviser Steve Bannon on Friday that big money Republican donors are abandoning conservative Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and calling up Trump’s campaign because the governor is “getting clobbered” in the polls.

Trump was on Bannon’s War Room on Friday night and he mocked the popular Florida Republican anti-woke warrior of a governor who is a big threat to Trump’s campaign to try and win in 2024 the second term he is currently not serving because we ended up with Biden in the same election where DeSantis won big.

Desanctis is failing badly. Ron DeSanctimonious,” said Trump. “I mean, you know, it’s always bad you endorse somebody, he’s dead, he’s over, his political career, he’s gonna be looking for a job, he’ll be lucky to get a job. Comes to me, begs me for a endorsement, I give it to him, he ends up winning the election, winning the nomination, winning the election by numbers that you wouldn’t believe.”

“The donors are largely leaving him now,” he said. “What’s happening is the donors are calling me right now because the donors follow the polls and when they see a guy getting clobbered.”

Pretty early in the game to declare victory but that’s what Trump does. The polls will change many times over the next year, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Trump will always have a major lead over the rest of the field.

Yet he’s taking out the essential Florida governor with no holds barred and damn the consequences to Florida or America, and there’s nothing anyone can say to dissuade him from embracing the left’s arguments and the media’s attacks if he thinks it will give him even a teeny tiny little bit more of a lead.

That’s just what he is.


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