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The Right Scoop
22 Jul 2023

NextImg:Mark Levin blasts federal judge for putting Trump trial in the middle of presidential election

Mark Levin blasted Judge Cannon for putting Trump’s classified documents trial right slap dab in the middle of the election

Here’s what Levin had to say in full:

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“Judge Cannon blew it. Big-time. A criminal trial in the middle of a presidential election, when I believe most of the primary races are over (or many anyway). And if Trump is found guilty on a single charge, even if he appeals, he will have to carry that into the general election, should he be the GOP nominee. This is why Smith, with the backing of Garland, was hellbent on getting indictments in place and demanding and early trial. He got what he wanted (moving the trial from December to May is inconsequential). So, Cannon has now given her rubber stamp to the election interference scheme of the Biden DOJ and the Democrats. She just didn’t have the guts to stare down the rogue prosecutors and tell them that they will have to wait until the election is over to start their trial, assuming none of the coming (hopefully) motions are not fatal to their case. There is literally no reason to have ruled this way. And every reason not to.

“Biden and the Democrats are destroying our electoral system and this republic. They have the full support of a state media that who shares their ideology and very frequently employs their operatives. And Judge Cannon, and other judges in Washington, DC, have participated in this. They’ve let down the country. I don’t give a damn who appointed them. I care what they are or are not doing as sworn judges.”