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The Blaze
The Blaze
2 Dec 2023

NextImg:'You're not safe': Maryland woman warns TikTok followers of shady white van in possible abduction attempt | Blaze Media

A woman in Maryland posted a video to TikTok in late October to warn her followers about a shady white van that stopped next to her twice while she was jogging with her dog.

Fox News Digital reported that the woman, who wished only to be identified as Jenn, was jogging outside around 2:00 p.m. on a somewhat rural road when a white van ominously pulled up next to her on the wrong side of the road. And then the van traveled off.


So this just happened: I was running with my dog and this van pulled up slowly beside us and drove off slowly toward town. I start running home and instead of turning down my street for some reason (thank god) I kept going straight and the same van comes flying around the corner with the rear sliding door open. I jumped the ditch and as I did they slammed the door shut while the van was still moving. This leads me to believe that there was someone in the back of the van as well. I started filming as fast as I could and you can see them coming to a stop in front of me, sitting for a minute then speeding off. *If you watch the video frame by frame from 0:14 to 0:16 you can see the guy in the back seat look back at me right before they speed off. Not a delivery driver.* I called the police and reported it to the State Police. This happened at 2:30 in the afternoon in a neighborhood most people consider to be very safe. The world is a dangerous place and there are some horrible people out there. Keep your head on a swivel because this kind of thing can happen anywhere, to anyone. Also, I’m sorry for the cursing and heavy breathing in the video, I was running and scared. #selfdefense #humantraffickingawareness #publicsafety #womensafety @Killer Bee Tactical

Jenn said she always runs on the side of the road where vehicles are coming toward her. "So," Jenn says, "I get off the side of the road, and this is a very remote stretch. In hindsight, I realize it was not safe, and I don't run any more outside. So, I get off the side of the road, the van slows down, and ... they're driving slowly past me."

Upon realizing what the van was doing, Jenn ran to the other side of a drainage ditch and started recording. The van appeared to stop in the middle of the road, near what appears to be a small intersection.

"I got this bad feeling," Jenn said.

After the alarming encounter, Jenn started running home. However, on her way back, the white van reappeared, and this time it was traveling faster than the time before. She said she could see the rear sliding door of the van open as it approached her.

"This time it's driving fast. And that's the first thing I registered was, 'Oh, st, that's the van. Oh, st. They're going fast.' As they turn the corner, the back door is open. I can see into the rear of the van. I can see the interior from the sliding door that's open," she said.

Jenn jumped over the drainage ditch again. The sliding door apparently slammed shut, and the van took off for the final time. She said she believed there was someone else in the van other than the driver.

Jenn said she immediately called the police after the strange encounter, and then a neighbor stepped outside to check on her.

"Every week I've called [the police]," she said. "The farthest that we've gotten is they ran the tags, which initially came back to a leasing company out of Florida, which had leased the van to another leasing company, which had leased the van to a company in Delaware."

"Some guys run the business, and they have been subpoenaed to find out who was actually driving the van and why. That was 2½ weeks ago. But that was the last update I've gotten."

Jenn concluded: "Let's not let our kids walk around these neighborhoods alone. Let's not let our kids walk themselves home from the bus stop unattended, even with a couple of kids."

"As far as women are concerned, a message for women and the public is: Be prepared. Don't keep your head down. Don't be oblivious. Don't tell yourself that you're safe, because you're not. … And that's great if you're lucky, but you're not safe in the world. And that's OK. It just is what it is."

The Maryland State Police shared with Fox News Digital that they were informed "about this inquiry ... but uncovered no evidence of a crime at this time."

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