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The Blaze
The Blaze
18 Nov 2023

NextImg:Patients and staff evacuate Shifa Hospital as Israel carries out airstrike in southern Gaza | Blaze Media

The patients and staff at Gaza's largest hospital were forced to evacuate on Saturday, with just a few workers left behind to care for those too ill to move out of the facility. Israeli force have reportedly taken full control over the building.

The Associated Press reported that the Israeli takeover of the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City happened to occur on the same day that phone and internet services were restored to the Gaza Strip. In the time that the blackout was in place, the United Nations was unsuccessful in transporting humanitarian aid to those in need.

The hospital quickly became a point of interest for the IDF after Hamas launched its brutal attack against the Jewish state on October 7. After Israeli forces successfully penetrated the hospital, they reportedly discovered diapers, baby bottles, rope, and a chair, suggesting that Hamas had kept children hostages in the hospital's basement.

Despite Israel's consistent attempts to warn civilians to get out of the way of war zones, an Israeli airstrike hit a United Nations shelter in northern Gaza. The AP noted that the strike had caused major destruction in the area. Women and children were reportedly seen lying motionless after the attack.

The Israeli military had warned citizens to get out of the area, insisting that they are attempting to rid the area of Hamas terrorists while trying to minimize harm to civilians. The Jewish state did not make any specific comment on the attack.

Though Israel has urged Gazans to flee to the south, they carried out an airstrike in southern Gaza, which may cause civilians to move yet again. Reuters reported that 32 people had been killed in the airstrike, and that it had caused a major humanitarian crisis in the area.

Gazan authorities have estimated that there have been about 12,000 deaths in Gaza since Israel launched its war against Hamas. Five thousand of those are believed to be children — a statistic that the United Nations believes to be correct. However, the numbers are not adjusted frequently, as collecting information has become difficult.

The conflict in the Middle East has divided many camps within the U.S., including those in conservative circles. Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens, of the Daily Wire, recently took shots at one another over social media in recent days concerning the issue.

Dave Rubin has speculated that the rift between the two conservative personalities could be because Owens is attempting to get fired from the Daily Wire.

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