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The Blaze
The Blaze
5 Aug 2023
Dave Urbanski

NextImg:Man apparently fueled by road rage follows woman into parking lot, tries to enter her vehicle — but she's carrying a gun and fatally shoots him

A man apparently fueled by road rage followed a woman into a parking lot in North Carolina earlier this week and tried to enter her vehicle, but she was carrying a gun — and fatally shot him.

Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman told WTVD-TV that no charges were being filed in Tuesday's shooting outside a Food Lion in Raleigh.

Steven McLamb, 49, was shot shortly after 5 p.m. in the Food Lion parking lot in the Greystone Village Shopping Center, the station said, adding that he later died at a hospital.

Freeman told WTVD that video of the incident as well as witnesses helped to clarify what led up to the shooting.

"We were fortunate to have access to various video," Freeman noted to the station. "Also there were witnesses in the area that were interviewed and were able to give a pretty clear picture as to what happened here."

WTVD said the whole thing apparently started as road rage.

"Mr. McLamb was the aggressor," Freeman told the station. "He followed the other individual into the parking lot and upon getting out of his car — approaching her car and attempting to get into her car — she, acting in self-defense, shot and killed him."

The woman who shot McLamb had no criminal history and legally owned the gun she was carrying, WTVD said.

"I think what's really important here is for people to understand ... that provision in our law is not, you know, an invitation to vigilante justice, but it does very clearly allow when someone has a responsible fear of imminent death or serious bodily injury that you are allowed to protect yourself," Freeman told the station.

Lee Turner, a defense attorney, told WRAL-TV that McLamb "contributed to what occurred to him that day by his own actions."

Turner also mentioned state Statute 14-51.2 — or the Castle Doctrine, WRAL said, which says "your home, your automobile, your workplace are considered to be an individual's castle, and you have a right to defend yourself inside those locations."

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