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The Blaze
The Blaze
21 Oct 2023
Collin Jones

NextImg:Man allegedly matches with dead wife on Tinder

As the Halloween season looms, one man's tale about matching with his deceased wife on Tinder was seen more than 6.5 million times on TikTok in less than a week.

The strange incident was read out loud on the Ghost Huns podcast and subsequently shared to their TikTok account. The post reeled in more than 3,000 comments, according to the Daily Mail.


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The host of the podcast, Suzie Preece, read out the bizarre story from the point of view of a man named Derek. She kicked off the segment by reading, "I just matched with my dead wife on Tinder. I had numbly swiped left so many times in a row I almost missed it, I wish I had."

"I skimmed through her profile, there was no writing but three other pictures of my dead wife I'd never seen before including one with the statue of Liberty behind her even though I knew she'd never been to New York City, at least to my knowledge."

"I swiped right and breathed for the first time in nearly two minutes."

"I struggled to sleep for the next 48 hours, never getting a match, ready to message Tinder and tell them someone was impersonating my beloved dead wife on the app and doing some kind of magical photoshop to put in her pictures."

Preece carried on with the man's story, saying that the "[t]he match came at 3:33 a.m. It came with a simple message, just a simple 'hi.'"

"I mashed the letters on my phone as hard and fast as I could — who is this? why are you doing this? where did you get these pictures of my wife, she died of cervical cancer two years ago you monster."

Derek apparently received a couple more messages, asking if he was home and to let the person in who was messaging him. He was apparently convinced someone was just playing a joke on him, saying: "Someone had to be f****** about with me but who would be this impossibly cruel and diabolical — there may have been a couple people who didn't like me at work but no one would go anywhere near this far."

Though the story may seem far-fetched, there was someone in the comments of the podcast who claimed that a similar incident had happened to them.

The commenter said: "My late partner put a song on on Amazon playlist. Also, changed my Pinterest account to a pet name only we knew. I believe this 100%."

While the story may have been a story perfectly fit for the Halloween season, there appear to be individuals who honestly believe that Derek really heard from his late wife through Tinder.

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