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The Blaze
The Blaze
21 Oct 2023
Collin Jones

NextImg:Home Depot employee charged with allegedly embezzling $1.2 million over 15-month span

An employee at a Home Depot in San Rafael, California, was reportedly arrested and faces allegations that she embezzled around $1.2 million from the home improvement retailer.

Letitia Marie McAdoo, 42, was arraigned in Marin County Superior Court on Thursday, facing a total of three separate felony charges. The three charges address the alleged crimes that took play over a span of 15 months, according to Mercury News.

The San Rafael Police Department got involved in the case after an internal investigative team at Home Depot looked into the situation. McAdoo was reportedly employed in the financial office of the store, according to Lt. Scott Eberle, of the San Rafael police.

McAdoo was charged with deliberately changing financial records so that she was able to take cash from the business. When the authorities arrested her on Tuesday, she apparently had $1,500 stuffed in her bra.

The authorities also decided to search her car and home, ultimately discovering thousands of dollars in cash. There was also expensive designer clothing found at the residence, but it is not clear if the clothing was purchased with the stolen money.

While McAdoo's lowest haul was $25,000 in a single month, they were sometimes as high as $172,000, which came in August. She was subsequently booked in the Marin County Jail on suspicion of burglary and embezzlement.

KTVU reported that the internal investigation alleged that McAdoo had been stealing money from the business since August 2022. She subsequently admitted to stealing money from the business, per the report.

McAdoo was arranged on Thursday morning before the judge in the case released her until the next court date on December 5.

This is not the first time Home Depot has made the news over the last month. Last week, a TikToker posted a video describing how she had accidentally ended up in Mexico after attempting to get to Home Depot to purchase zip ties just 11 miles away.

When the young woman realized she was headed into an entirely different country, it was too late to turn around. She was ultimately met by Border Patrol agents, who investigated her vehicle before eventually allowing her to turn around and get back to the U.S.

"Whole time in my head, one thing's for sure, two things for sure, this is never happening again," the young woman said. "This is a mistake you make once. Once."

According to the video, Jackson never did make it to Home Depot to pick up zip ties, as her mother suggested. Instead, she said she planned to go home, crochet, drink some wine, and "go to bed in America."

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