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The Blaze
The Blaze
16 Dec 2023

NextImg:Florida man drives himself to jail after allegedly gunning down newlywed couple outside their home | Blaze Media

A man in Florida apparently drove himself to jail and turned himself in to the authorities after allegedly murdering a newlywed couple outside of their home last weekend.

The suspect, Sony Josaphat, 46, was soon arrested and charged after he turned himself in. He was charged with two counts of first-degree, premeditated murder with a firearm on Saturday, according to WOFL who obtained an affidavit from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Josaphat's daughter called the police last Saturday to apparently report that her father had shot two people. When the officers arrived on the scene, they discovered a man and woman who had been been shot multiple times on the sidewalk outside the couple's front door.

The officers quickly asked those who were within the house to exit. Those within the house were interviewed shortly after the authorities arrived. The identities of those within the house have not been revealed, according to the report.

During his first court appearance on Sunday, Josaphat was ordered to be held without bond and provided a public defender.

NBC News reported that the sheriff's office soon released a statement, saying that "[t]he family has invoked Marsy's Law for both victims," meaning that the names of the victims would not be revealed to the public.

"Let's keep them in thought and prayer during this difficult time," the statement said.

The couple who were killed had only been married for a single week before they were allegedly gunned down by Josaphat, according to a woman who identified herself as the sister of the bride.

Josaphat had apparently lived at the residence that the shooting took place at, but he had not lived there in over a year. However, he had a reputation of showing up to the residence from time to time, and he also had a history of being "controlling," according to court documents.

The lines in the document that detailed the possible relationship between Josaphat and the victims was apparently redacted, according to reports.

Leading up to the event, the authorities said Josaphat stated that the woman was "disrespecting him and blocked his phone calls," adding that there was something that "filled him with anger and he hasn't been able to sleep," officers said. However, the details of what specifically angered Josaphat is not currently known.

Josaphat said he knew what he did was wrong, and that he had never done anything like it before.

It is unclear when the man is set to appear in court again.

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