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National Review
National Review
11 Mar 2023
George Leef

NextImg:The Corner: Students at “Elite” Law School Behave like Thugs

We see this again and again — law students who think it’s proper behavior to shout down someone with whom they disagree. Somehow, they have gotten through their K–12 years, an undergraduate degree and into law school without learning that it’s barbaric to try silencing people who have different opinions. That indicates a gigantic failing in our educational institutions.

The latest outrage occurred at Stanford Law, where a group of students shouted down Judge Kyle Duncan. Here is the story. 

And it wasn’t just some obstreperous students. The school’s dean of diversity and inclusion played a big part. That tells you a lot about the “work” that such administrators have. The jobs are make-work for activists.

Will Stanford’s administration just let this go, in effect saying, “Well, we can’t punish our idealists for getting a little carried away, can we?” I think that’s the better bet.

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