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Human Events
Human Events
8 Jul 2023
C.G. Jones

NextImg:Turning Point Action to host screening of ‘Sound of Freedom’ in
Palm Beach

Jack Posobiec of Human Events announced that the immensely successful film "Sound of Freedom" will be shown at the Turning Point Action Conference next week in West Palm Beach.

"If you have tickets for the Turning Point ActCon that's going to be held in West Palm Beach next weekend," Posobiec said, "I'm proud to announce that there will be a screening of 'Sound of Freedom' at ActCon, and also that Tim Ballard himself, the man who was the founder of OUR [Operation Underground Railroad], the man the movie is based on, will be speaking at Turning Point. You've gotta see this."

"This was the number one movie on the Fourth of July in America. Pedophiles are seething."

Posobiec discussed "Sound of Freedom" earlier this week when he noted that Disney, who had the rights to the film for five years, refused to produce it. He demanded to know why the entertainment juggernaut had failed to publish an anti-pedophile, anti-human-trafficking movie despite having the legal ability to do so.

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Ballard recently sat down with Human Events Editor-in-Chief Libby Emmons to discuss human-trafficking and child exploitation in the US, saying: "The economy of pedophilia is this: The United States consumes, and sometimes even produces, but consumes more child exploitation material, child sex material than any other nation on the planet."

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"Sound of Freedom" brought in a combined $14 million through ticket sales and its "pay-it-forward" program on July 4, while Disney's "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" brought in just $11.5 million.