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Human Events
Human Events
29 Apr 2023
Sara Higdon

NextImg:POSOBIEC and CHLOE COLE: ‘Gender affirmation’ for minors ignores
stats on how many kids would desist after puberty

On Friday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec discussed a study published by Frontiers in 2021 that said 88 percent of boys with gender dysphoria outgrew their condition by the age of 20.

The study followed 139 boys that were assessed to have gender dysphoria between 1989 to 2002. The mean age, which is the average age of the sampled group, was 7 years old at the start of the study and 20 years old at the follow-up, or end point of the participants. During the follow-up, only 17 of the participants were considered "persisters."

Wojciech Pawelczyk said on Twitter Saturday morning that this study "obliterates the Gender Affirming Care argument with a powerful statistic about young boys experiencing Gender Dysphoria, and how often their condition self corrects after their adolescence."

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During an episode of Human Events Daily on April 3rd, detransitioner Chloe Cole told Jack Posobiec that doctors "never even went into the underlying issues that I had and what they knew of they didn't address."

In Friday's video, Posobiec recapped his conversation with Cole, as well as Oli London, and how "this is massive business for big pharma."

Posobiec said, "the earlier they can get you hooked on gender hormones, the earlier they can get you starting the surgeries, starting these transitions, the longer they have to get money off of you."

Posobiec looked back at what Cole said about why her parents went along with her transition. She had said that "(doctors) told my parents that if I wasn’t allowed to transition, it was very likely that I would kill myself."

Posobiec also discussed a recent Twitter feud between "one of these leftwing guys" and Elon Musk. The person had used the same statement about suicide that doctors said to Cole's parents and Musk linked to another study that "found that it was the same rate of suicide after transition."

Posobiec concluded that "this transition, all of it, the surgery, the hormones, the procedures, it did nothing to stop the rate of suicide in the people because they have a mental disorder, and that is how they should be treated."

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