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Human Events
Human Events
1 Jul 2023
Anthony Watson

NextImg:ANTHONY WATSON: MLB pitcher Trevor Williams urges fans to boycott
the LA Dodgers

Major League Baseball (MLB) player Trevor Williams is calling on fans to boycott the Los Angeles Dodgers after the team decided to welcome an anti-Catholic organization onto the field for Pride night.

As a devout practicing Catholic, Washington Nationals Pitcher Trevor Williams expressed his frustrations over the increasingly common instances of disrespect towards his Christian faith. Williams condemned the recent actions of the Dodgers, who invited an anti-Catholic group known as “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” to attend the team’s Pride night. Williams called on his fellow Catholics to “reconsider their support of an organization that allows this type of mockery of its fans to occur.”

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Williams’ decision to address this issue shocked sports fans as many MLB players have declined to speak out against the league’s promotion of Pride Month. Toronto Blue Jays player Anthony Bass was one of the few to speak out, but later apologized to reporters “for any harm or hurt” that he made towards the “pride community.”

In an interview that addressed his religious comments, Williams acknowledged the risks that came with his public stance on the decision-making of the Dodgers. However, he explained that he has also received an overwhelming amount of support from fans that were also offended.

"A lot of people have reached out thanking me for my courage and thanking me for making my statement because a lot of people feel like they either don’t have a big enough voice to say something or they’re afraid of the backlash.”

-MLB Pitcher Trevor Williams

Williams’ statement serves as a call for society to reflect upon the value of religious tolerance and empathy. It encourages people to speak out against blatantly offensive gestures that are promoted by organizations across the country. Williams has shown great courage in standing up for his beliefs.