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7 Nov 2022
David Ng

NextImg:Watch: Actress Heather Graham Shakes Her Boobs in 'I will Aid and Abet Abortion' Shirt in Election Eve Push for Wisconsin Democrats

Boogie Nights star Heather Graham has made an unconventional appeal to Wisconsin voters to elect Democrats in Tuesday’s midterms, citing the state’s “anti-abortion” law as a reason to support candidates including Senate hopeful Mandela Barnes (D) and incumbent Gov. Tony Evers (D).

In a short video posted Monday to Twitter, the Hollywood actress wore a cut-off t-shirt reading “I will aid and abet abortion” while shaking her boobs provocatively at the camera.

Watch below:

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“Wisconsin has the oldest anti-abortion law in the country preventing a lot of doctors  from providing abortions to women and is one of the tightest races this election,” she tweeted. “Support Mandela Barnes and Tony Evers because these men have vowed to protect women.”

Graham is the latest Hollywood star to meddle in Wisconsin midterm races. On Sunday, Disney-Marvel actors Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle headlined a virtual, superhero-themed fundraiser to support Wisconsin Democrats up and down the ballot.

The casts of NBC’s The West Wing and HBO’s Veep recently held a crossover reunion fundraiser, bringing in $700,000 for Wisconsin Democrats.

In the face of widespread dissatisfaction over the state of the economy, as well as soaring crime and unchecked illegal immigration, the left has seized on abortion as its life raft for the midterms, hoping residual anger over the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade will motivate voters to cast their ballots for Democrats.

But as Breitbart News reported,  recent polls showed that the economy and inflation, not abortion, ranks as voters’ top priority heading into the midterms.

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