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Flag and Cross
Flag And Cross
1 Jul 2023

NextImg:Woke Eating Their Own: Climate Activists Protest 'Pride' Parade After Listing Their Demands for LGBT Group

Who’s the wokest of them all?

On Saturday, LGBT supporters of Just Stop Oil disrupted a “pride” parade in London.

Apparently, the regular gay folk weren’t woke enough for the anti-oil gay folk.

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According to The Guardian, Just Stop Oil had called on organizers of the parade to prohibit floats sponsored by “high-polluting” companies like Coca-Cola and to denounce the development of new oil, gas and coal projects.

The eco-activists threatened “potential escalations” if their demands were not met.

But it seems that even “pride” has some limits on wokeness, and the parade went on as planned.

So, true to their word, a group of demonstrators blocked the road in front of a Coca-Cola float, bringing the parade to a 15-minute halt.

The Guardian reported that police had to physically pick up the protesters and take them away. Seven individuals were arrested.

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Just Stop Oil posted video of the protest on Twitter with a long thread, part of which read:

“The LGBTQ+ supporters of Just Stop Oil have taken action against Pride in London today, because the organisation is working with industries complicit in worsening the climate crisis.”

“New oil and gas is a death sentence for millions of people, and the LGBTQ+ community will be one of the first to suffer.”

The group didn’t specify exactly how the LGBT community would be one of the “first to suffer” from the “climate crisis.”

Perhaps they are worried that rising temperatures will cause their makeup to melt faster. Admittedly, that could cause a few breakdowns in the community.

For now, their fight with the oil companies is only hurting their own cause.

If it lessens the chances of our kids seeing naked men on the street celebrating their “pride,” it’s just one more reason to support the oil and gas industry.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.