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Flag and Cross
Flag And Cross
1 Jul 2023

NextImg:Video: Border Patrol Cuts Through Wire Laid by Texas, Allows Illegal Migrants Through

Anger is building after a video surfaced showing a U.S. Border Patrol officer cutting razor wire on the Texas side of the Rio Grande to allow illegal immigrants to come on shore.

“Texas must respond,” Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas tweeted.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin posted the video on Twitter on Friday.

“Video from source in Eagle Pass shows Border Patrol cutting through razor wire placed by the state of TX to allow migrants to enter & be processed after crossing illegally,” he wrote.

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Melugin said the Texas Department of Public Safety told him “this is the first time they know of this happening, and that it’s being looked into for potential destruction of TX property.”

Melugin said the federal action was not consistent with state policy, under which Texas has been “physically blocking migrants under orders from Governor [Greg Abbott].”

“TXDPS tells me the location this video was shot at is private property, and that they have permission from the owner to lay down razor wire and arrest migrants for criminal trespassing,” Melugin wrote.

Melugin stressed that this was not rogue behavior on the part of the officer.

“This Border Patrol agent is likely just doing what he’s been told – but this will likely lead to more friction between TX & the Feds, who have drastically different approaches at the border,” he wrote.

Crenshaw posted his angry response on Twitter.

“What the hell? I’m going to assume for now that this particular [Customs and Border Protection] agent is following orders that he hates following. Either way, the Biden Administration is now destroying Texas property to fulfill an open border agenda,” he wrote.

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Melugin posted a follow-up with the federal side of the story, saying that he was told “a Border Patrol boat encountered a group of migrants with several small children, and that in order to quickly apprehend them and get them out of the heat, a BP agent cut the razor wire to access the area ‘consistent w/ federal law.'”

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“It is a federal responsibility to enforce U.S. immigration laws. U.S. Border Patrol continues to enforce U.S. immigration laws,” CBP said in a statement tweeted by Melugin.

“The individuals had already crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico, were on U.S. soil, and are subject to U.S. immigration laws,” the statement continued.

“Individuals who cross unlawfully will be subject to the lawful pathways rule, which places common-sense conditions on asylum eligibility, with certain exceptions. Those who do not establish a legal basis to remain in the United States will be removed.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.