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27 May 2023

NextImg:'Trump's Nephew' Releases Song Dissing Target, Already Has Over a Million Views

Florida rapper Forgiato Blow, or “Trump’s nephew,” as he calls himself, has released a new song promoting the ongoing boycott of Target stores.

Blow, whose real name is actually Kurt Jantz, is a star among the pro-Trump community due to his support for the former president.

With over 70 songs released, Jantz has become an icon for singing about the concerns that many people share — with songs covering everything from Title 42 to the Twitter Files.

This includes his latest song “Boycott Target,” featuring Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli and Stoney Dudebro, which has already garnered millions of views online.

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Released last week, the 2-minute, 44-second rap has since become the unofficial theme song for those who have recently joined the boycott of the retail giant over their promotion of LGBTQ-themed clothing and other items for babies, children and teens.

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“Attention all shoppers. Attention all shoppers. There’s a cleanup on every aisle,” the music video begins, with Jantz walking through a Target store.

“They put a target on my back but they targeting your kids. They don’t even need to ask ’cause you all know what it is,” the lyrics say.

“Target. Target. Target. Yeah, they target kids,” he repeats. “You know that Target’s dead wrong, trying to play with the kids. It’s the Mayor of MAGA-ville, I’m preaching again!”

At one point in the song, Jantz even takes a dig at Bud Light, which has also suffered from a boycott after that company’s promotion of transgender ideology.

He later condemned transgenderism directly, singing: “You know the L-G-B-T-Q, done went too far. You know they cutting these kids, they leaving trannies with scars. That’s why they push an agenda, promoting sexual genders. I’m only rocking with Bruce, don’t rock with no Caitlyn Jenner.”

The song then goes on to note how Target has Pride shirts in the children’s section and bathing suits that promote the “tucking” of male genitalia to appear female.

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Jantz began his music career in 2013 by rapping about the usual things like money, guns, and women, as noted by Vice, but he was never very successful until he found his niche in the MAGA community.

He is also obviously not Trump’s actual nephew, but describes himself as “the Donald Trump of rap.”

Additionally, his rapper name “Forgiato Blow” has a much deeper meaning, and is not a reference to drugs or sex.

He previously explained to Vice that “Forgiato” is the name of an American manufacturer of specialty-car rims and “Blow” stands for “Been Living Off Wealth.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.