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2 Sep 2023

NextImg:Trump Deep Fake? - Recent Interview Raises Suspicions it Wasn't Really Him

Is this ‘odd’ interview with former president Donald Trump a deep fake or a prank?

As unlikely as that may seem, a Thursday phone interview featuring the GOP primary frontrunner has set off a storm of speculation regarding its authenticity.

The 17-minute interview, which took place on the conservative platform Real America’s Voice, has raised doubts among many, prompting questions about whether it was indeed the 45th President himself or a sophisticated deep fake impersonation.

During the conversation with RAV hosts John Solomon and Amanda Head, many listeners noticed that Trump’s voice seemingly sounded different from his familiar, robust tone.

Listeners also noted that he appeared to speak with an unusual lisp and in a higher pitch than his well-known baritone.

While the interview raised eyebrows and prompted widespread skepticism among viewers, Trump himself seemed unperturbed, promoting it on his Truth Social platform.

Trump’s unmistakable voice, one of the most recognizable in the world, sounded oddly disjointed and artificial, further fueling suspicions that something was amiss.

You can judge for yourself below:

Social media quickly became a hotbed of speculation, with even Trump supporters weighing in, suggesting that advanced artificial intelligence technology might be responsible for the peculiar interview.

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The RAV X post is inundated with comments and remarks all claiming that it isn’t Trump in those interviews.

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Despite the widespread doubts, Solomon, one of the interview’s hosts, adamantly asserted that it was indeed Trump on the line, dispelling any notions of AI involvement.

“It’s not AI, it was President Trump,” Solomon told the Daily Beast, urging skeptics to verify with the network’s staff.

RAV also took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to post the complete interview and various clips, though that appeared to only further intensify the debate surrounding its authenticity.

During the interview, Trump utilized the platform to contend that Democrats were actively meddling in his potential 2024 White House bid by subjecting him to indictments and lawsuits.

“They make up a story, they go with it, and then you have to fight two years to prove your innocence. This is nothing different,” Trump said.

Speaking about his indictments, Trump added, “This is regular litigation backed by the democrats, the Democratic Party, or their very few big funders.”

He argued that if his poll numbers were less favorable, he wouldn’t be facing such legal action.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.