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22 Apr 2023

NextImg:Heckler Calls Kari Lake a 'Fascist' but Bolts as She Asks Him One Simple Question

Kari Lake is still drawing leftist hate — and still turning it back with the best of them.

The Republican, who’s still fighting in court after Arizona’s election for governor last year was marred by disgraceful difficulties on Election Day, was on a visit to her alma mater this month when heckling briefly disrupted her speech at the University of Iowa in Des Moines.

Her response was just about perfect.

Lake republished a video of the April 7 encounter on her Twitter account Tuesday with the caption “How to deal with Leftist Hecklers.”

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“You’re a fascist liar, Kari!” the man shouted from the crowd.

What he said next was largely drowned by the crowd’s response, though Newsweek reported that it was “F*** you!”

(Given the typical public manners of progressives these days, that’s not at all hard to believe.)

Lake was unruffled on stage, responding with one question: “Really? In what way, sir?”

There was no answer. The man had fled, but plenty of those in the audience had a lot to say — about him:

“The only fascist is you!”

“Another bedwetter!

“Run home to mom!”

Fittingly enough, the interruption came just as Lake was criticizing the “brainwashing” that has taken the place of education in too many American schools.

The former Phoenix news anchor said her education before graduating high school was not what Americans young people are experiencing today:

“K through 12 was different,” she said. “They weren’t brainwashing us back then. I think of what our kids are going through. I’m a mom, guys …”

That was when what sounded like one of the beneficiaries of brainwashing decided to make his presence known — however briefly.

It’s unfortunate he didn’t stick around long enough to try answer to Lake’s question, though. It might have illustrated that progressives really can’t answer what they mean when they hurl the word “fascist” at Lake, former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and others on the political right.

Do they mean a militant intolerance of opposing views? That would be the left.

Do they mean a determination to use the power of the state to silence the opposition? That would be the left again.

Do they mean abusing police powers? Or applying the law unequally based on political considerations? There’s a pattern here.

To the extent the word “fascist” has any concrete definition in the context of modern American politics, it’s the progressive left — from President Joe Biden’s handlers to his attorney general to politicized prosecutors such as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg — that fits the bill.

And it’s the establishment media — the non-Fox News networks, the prestige newspapers — that function as the propaganda arm every fascist regime requires.

Lake’s question was a simple one, but it’s one no leftist can answer coherently.

“I would have a debate with that guy any day,” she told the crowd.

Lake shouldn’t hold her breath. She draws the leftist hate because they can’t answer her question.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.