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Fox Business
Fox Business
2 Jun 2023

An American farmer is speaking out after the Biden administration reportedly sent billions to U.S. adversaries. 

During an appearance on "Fox & Friends First," National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd Jr. ripped the Biden administration for dispensing money to China and Russia, arguing that the president has done nothing but deliver "empty promises" to the farming community. 

"It's a real slap in the face. Here you have American farmers losing their farms and right here in the United States with this. Last year alone, we lost over 10,000 farms in the United States and this administration had done nothing but give us broken promises here," Boyd Jr. argued, Friday.

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President of the National Black Farmers Association John Boyd Jr. ripped the Biden administration during his appearance on 'Fox & Friends First.' A recent finding revealed that the U.S. government has been sending money for American farmers to China and Russian entities.  | Fox News

"We're losing our farms in America. And this administration is giving money to Chinese producers, Russia, hand over fist. What does that say to America's farmers right here at home? Why can't we help America's farmers at home first? That's what we've been asking for from this administration. And the Biden administration has failed American farmers right here in the United States," Boyd Jr. continued. 

A new report released by Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, and Open the Books claims over the past five years the White House has sent at least $1.3 billion to China and Russian entities – including $1.6 million awarded to Chinese food producers under the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National School Lunch Program that is designed to help American farmers.

The analysis revealed that millions of taxpayer dollars have been given to, among others, a Chinese software developer for military tech support, a Russian health insurance provider that has since been sanctioned and Chinese agriculture companies. It also showed the federal government gave $2 million, more than previously reported, to the Chinese state-run Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses.

Boyd Jr. urged the American people to wake up to the "terribly wrong" picture the Biden administration is painting for the farm community. 

"Something is terribly, terribly wrong with this picture and we have to look at what's really going on. The American farmer is suffering right here, with the highest input costs we've had in our nation's history for America's farms. We are here struggling, and we're managing to help countries like China and Russia, America's two biggest adversaries," he warned.

Boyd Jr. went on to argue that the Biden administration is washing away American history by providing American adversaries with over $1 billion while American farmers are suffering.

"To have this administration slap us in the face by providing China and Russia with $1.6 billion while we're suffering right here at home… last week alone, we were in Oklahoma trying to save a family farmer there. So farmers are losing their farms here," he explained.

"When we lose our farms, we lose our history. There are family cemeteries on these farms, and things of this nature. And we are losing our farms to operators like China," Boyd Jr. concluded. 

Fox News' Thomas Catenacci contributed to this report.

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