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Fox Business
Fox Business
1 Dec 2023

The holiday season is here, and now is the time to send your packages so they can make it under the Christmas tree. 

Carriers like FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service and UPS are ramping up for their peak season. 

"We started planning the holiday season … not even before we had finished last year’s holiday season," UPS Greensboro Hub Morning Manager Brian Egerton told FOX Business.

The hub says it's all hands and bots on deck for the millions of packages that get processed there.

UPS Greensboro began as a conventional facility

UPS Greensboro is a hybrid center using employees and new technology. (Fox News / Fox News)

Jotiva Hobbs, UPS engineer for the Carolinas said the company is looking at processing "over 2.5 million packages this year ... on a single day."

Hobbs says each year the facility does an assessment on what went wrong the year before and how to get better.

When it adds new technology, efficiency improves by 3-5%.

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This year, the facility added a camera scanning tunnel that sorts and distributes packages faster.   

UPS's new scanning tunnel

UPS Greensboro brought in a new 6D scanner to help distribute packages faster. (Fox News / Fox News)

There are also automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, to help get larger packages ready for shipment. 

"The AGVs, although they are moving the packages where we used to have the drivers, those drivers may now be assisting another employee," Egerton said.

UPS AGV's for deliveries

UPS Greensboro has several new automated guided vehicles, or AGVs. (Fox News / Fox News)

There are several UPS facilities that are mostly automated, like the one at West Charlotte UPS.

Almost every step, from sorting packages to heading out for delivery, is automated. 

UPS Drivers get training before hitting the road

A driving simulator to help new UPS drivers (Fox News / Fox News)

There is also a driving simulator to help train new drivers. 

And just like other delivery services, if you're expecting a package from UPS, you'll receive a picture when it hits your doorstep. 

UPS Delivery Photo Scan

All UPS deliveries will include photos when they arrive. (Fox News / Fox News)

"We have our drivers that go out there and not only do they scan the packages upon a delivery, but they take a photo," said UPS Director of Health and Safety Henry Beards.