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Fox Business
Fox Business
7 Jul 2023

Actor and author Kirk Cameron doubled down on his discrimination accusation against the American Library Association (ALA) on Friday, and elaborated on an "evil plot" to destroy America’s social fabric.

"Your kids are being force-fed this trans agenda and so much corruption and immorality in their schools and in their libraries. Why don't you let parents bring their kids up for air and talk to them about faith, hope and love, and read them some books at the library?" Cameron told FOX Business’ Ashley Webster on "Varney & Co."

Cameron is working with First Liberty Institute, the nonprofit Christian conservative legal organization based in Texas, to attempt to hold the ALA accountable for what he believes is discrimination against him and his pro-faith messaging, judging by its recent advisories to libraries across America to explore ways to "block" his upcoming nationwide story event on August 5.

"It's religious discrimination, and they're putting local libraries in legal jeopardy by encouraging them to do this," the actor claimed.

First Liberty and Cameron reportedly "launched an investigation with the federal government to hold the American Library Association accountable for their religious discrimination, willful violation of the Constitution and the ALA’s own internal rules to allegedly protect all people’s access to public libraries."

Kirk Cameron on children book censorship

Actor and children’s book author Kirk Cameron says his national reading event is being religiously discriminated against on "Varney & Co." Friday, July 7, 2023. (Fox News)

The actor recently published two children’s books under the Texas-based published Brave Books: "Pride Comes Before the Fall," and "As You Grow." The books’ messages aim to encourage faith-focused and family-first Americans, thus posing a "great threat" to the left.

"There's a great threat to Marxists. It's a great threat to communists. It is the hope of lasting liberty in our republic and in any republic," Cameron said.

Further detailing his public stance against ALA: "If I can use a metaphor from the Lord of the Rings: the message has gotten back to the shire, and the Hobbits are gathering for the battle against the Orcs. These [are] exciting chapters in the story, and I'm so glad that I know the author. The ending is fabulous."

The ALA’s actions are part of a larger American landscape, the actor argued, where the country seems to be "losing faith" in all our institutions.

"We're seeing behind the curtain that there's deception and corruption going on, and it knows no bounds. We see it in church. We see it within people's own marriages. We see it obviously in politics. We can see it in the financial sector," Cameron said.

"And it seems as though there is this evil plot to somehow deconstruct and disorganize our social fabric," he added, "our economic fabric, for the purpose of reorganizing it toward a different goal."

The American Library Association did not immediately return Fox News Digital’s request for comment or reaction to Cameron’s comments on Friday.

Fox News’ Maureen Mackey contributed to this report.