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Babylon Bee
The Babylon Bee
3 Jun 2023

NextImg:Film That Just Shows Liberals Talking About Their Ideas Labeled 'Offensive Content'

USA — A newly released film that simply lets liberals say exactly what they believe has been flagged for "Offensive Content" on all available platforms.

"We literally just allowed liberals to take the time to clearly explain their thoughts and beliefs," said filmmaker Matt Walsh. "Liberals are really, really offended by what comes out of their own mouths."

According to viewers, the film asked liberals easy, straightforward questions about basic biology. The liberals' recorded responses have now been marked on every existing social media platform as hateful, offensive content. "The liberals are so deeply offended by their own words, they are trying to censor the film," said Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing. "We, on the other hand, are simply fighting to let these liberal voices be heard far and wide. We want everyone on earth to have the chance to hear what liberals truly think about women."

Director Matt Walsh admits he has been surprised by the vicious liberal backlash against liberals explaining what they believe. "It's a bit shocking how offended they are by their own ideas," said Mr. Walsh. "Granted, I think the views these people espouse would make Satan blush. Still, for liberals to openly call their own doctrines 'hateful content' and demand their removal from the public sphere has been quite the eye-opener."

At publishing time, social media platforms had attached the following message to the film: "WARNING! This film contains filthy, disgusting, abominable viewpoints. Viewer discretion is advised, along with prison for anyone who enjoys the film."

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