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Badly researched article. Eric Garner did not die from a "chokehold." He was not "choked" to death. He died of a heart attack.
All anyone needs to do is look at the Garner video. The officer did a takedown, quickly followed by a control hold that applied pressure to the sides of Garner's neck. That type of hold is a carotid restraint. So the "carotid restraint" killed him? No. Again, look at the video, the carotid restraint was applied for a total of five seconds. it takes about 10-15 seconds for a carotid restraint to cause someone to pass out--and it must be applied for approximately two minutes to kill.
Garner never passed out. After five seconds the officer turned Garner over and while doing this the hold was released. "AFTER" this was done, and while Garner was being handcuffed Garner said "I can't breath!" He would say it eleven more times before losing consciousness. Garner would later die in the ambulance that was transporting him to the hospital.
The Medical Examiner's Report noted that Garner had bruising on the sides of his neck--indicative of a carotid restraint having been applied. We know it was because we've seen the video. But what about a "chokehold." If "that" control hold had been applied we'd see bruising on Garner's windpipe area as his oxygen was cut off. There was no bruising because no "chokehold" had been applied.
Also, it's often cited regarding Garner that the Medical Examiner's Report cited a "chokehold." Two things. One, that wasn't the Medical Examiner's Report the public was reading, it was a reporter telling the readers what "he" said the Medical Examiner's Report said. The actual Report had not been released to the public. Second, "chokehold" is often used by laymen to describe "any" control hold applied to a person's neck. That doesn't mean an actual "chokehold" was used. A "chokehold" is designed to cut off a person's airway. If an actual "chokehold" had been used on Garner, and had been the direct cause of his death, we wouldn't have heard Garner say "I can't breath" 12 times during it's application. The media also lied and said Garner had sustained injuries to his chest area due to the police--that bruising was from the CPR used by the ambulance crew when Garner's heart stopped on the way to the hospital.
A Grand Jury exonerated the officer. Because they are all racist who side with the cops every time? No, because it was explained to them how Garner actually died and how the officer's actions couldn't have killed him.
But...didn't the Medical Examiner say that Garner's death was a "homicide?" Yes, "Death by Another." Well? "Homicide" doesn't mean murder or manslaughter. It simply means the actions of another contributed to the death of the person. So if Garner would have tripped and fell down after being shoved backward by an officer--while trying to avoid being arrested--and died of a heart attack--it's homicide because his tripping and falling, which triggered the heart attack, can be linked to the police seeking to detain him. Same if the officer had yelled "BOO!" at Garner--and Garner had dropped over from a heart attack. Imagine some civil attorney telling a jury "So, is "BOO" a tactic taught by the NYPD!? Where in the NYPD Manuel do we find "BOO!?"
Garner was in poor health. Garner resisted arrest and started fighting the officers. Garner was taken to the ground by an officer and a control hold was applied for five seconds. He was rolled over and handcuffed. All of this sudden exertion and stress can trigger a heart attack in a person with Garner's health status. It did. But then the media started with the "He was 'choked' to death" lie.
The City of New York gave $5.9 million to this criminal's family. They should have at least tried with a civil jury--this was such a winnable case for the City. But DiBlasio was in power.
Now they are going after the officer--this is a tragedy. They are also going after a second officer. I'm guessing it's his supervisor. Another thing the media misled the public about was branding this a racial incident when this was directed force. A supervisor was present. That supervisor was a black, female sergeant. If an officer had actually applied a "chokehold" to Garner, long enough to kill him, we'd probably have seen that sergeant throw herself between the officer and Garner and frantically knock him off. Why? Because she would have seen an unauthorized control hold being used as deadly forced on a man accused of a misdemeanor! And she would have been the supervisor-in-charge.
So she was branded a race trailer and had her career derailed because of Garner--for something that never happened. I suppose she should have ordered "Officer! Everyone! Mr. Garner doesn't want to go to jail. Let him go before he has a heart attack! Let someone else deal with him--not us. I know a Black, NYPD Commander way above our pay grade ordered that we deal with Garner because of constant complaints about him from the local business community--but--let him go! Walk away. Hell, give him some money and let's get as far from him as humanely possible!"
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