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Because Ratzinger was seen by the Clergy outside Rome as having "stolen" Bergoglio's papacy out from under him. It had been widely reported when JPII died that Bergoglio was the chosen successor - despite the fact Ratzinger had been in the heir-appearent office for over 15 years. simply put Ratzinger was seen as a Vatican insider, vs Bergoglio being a humble man of the people. So the newly minted Benedict moved slow, carefully shifting people around to prevent a full insurrection - the Jesuits had attainted a lot of internal power, and Bergoglio is a Jesuit. And to an extent Benedict did banish Bergoglio he sent him back to Argentina as head of the church there (most likely figured it would keep him busy) and then assigned him the task of coordinating the internal audit of what was happening over the numerous sex scandals the church was facing (which would make Bergoglio unpopular - no one likes a investigator/interrogator who's digging up the bodies so to speak). All that did was give Bergoglio the opertunity to coordinate the outrage over the financial mess when it struck. On the second question the force was facing total revolt - Benedict must have been given the choice of staying and watching the church burn, or leaving - often you will find leaders who are deposed are given this choice - leave quietly, or be removed by force. By the time Benedict left, most of his allies in Rome had been removed - so he had no support outside Rome (he wasn't a popular figure from what I've read, very short tempered type) and his inner powerbase have been destroyed.
In some ways it plays a lot like how Nixon was destroyed - somebody did something, he moved to squash it quietly, it blew up, and a series of unforced errors caused by not realizing the magnitude of the the forces arrayed against him were, and in the end having no choice but to leave on his own feet, or be carried out.
We might have Trump as another example of how this scenario plays in a year or so.
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