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Zero Hedge
1 Jul 2023

NextImg:"Something Went Wrong": Twitter Users Complain About Global Outage

Over 7,000 people on the Down Detector website have complained about Twitter outages on Saturday morning. A surge of outage reports began around 0745 ET. 

Users say they're experiencing difficulties retrieving tweets, missing timelines, and followers disappearing, according to The Independent

Market Watch said, "Twitter has been hit Saturday by a global outage that is preventing thousands of users from accessing the social media platform." 

Users have reported error messages such as "Something went wrong. Try reloading" and "Cannot retrieve tweets" and "Rate limit exceeded error message." 

In a separate issue, one Twitter user last night pointed out that the social media platform now "blocks all requests that are not logged in, tweets can no longer be embedded in most chat apps." 

Elon Musk responded, "This will be unlocked shortly. Per my earlier post, drastic & immediate action was necessary due to EXTREME levels of data scraping." 

Loading a Tweet...

Here's an exchange Musk has with another Twitter user on data scraping. 

It's not clear what the problem is or how long the outage will last.