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Zero Hedge
17 Feb 2024

NextImg:Fani 'Tainted' Whole Case: Trump

Embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis - who gave her lover Nathan Wade's law firm five Fulton County contracts totaling nearly $1 million, has "badly tainted" her case against Donald Trump, according to the former president.

"It is so badly tainted. There is no case here," said Trump in a statement to Fox News while Willis was giving a trainwreck testimony last week in a Georgia courtroom over allegations that she had an "improper" relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, her lover.

"By going after Trump, she’s able to get her boyfriend more money than they ever dreamed possible," Trump continued.

Several of Trump's co-defendants in the case have moved to disqualify Willis over the relationship.

"The case will have to be dropped," Trump continued. "There’s no way they can have a case. The whole thing was a scam to get money for the boyfriend."

Willis claimed that her relationship started in early 2022, after Wade was hired. But Robin Yeartie, a college friend of Willis who remained friends for several decades (even renting Willis an apartment), testified that the romantic relationship began "shortly after" Willis and Wade met at a 2019 municipal conference.

Yeartie, who says she stopped talking to Willis sometime in 2022 after she was told to resign or be fired from the Fulton County DA's office, directly contradicts testimony by both Willis and Wade.

Ms. Yeartie said she had “no doubt” the pair were in a romantic relationship from 2019, adding that she saw them “hugging” and “kissing” that year.

President Trump told Fox News that Thursday’s courtroom testimony shows Ms. Willis is “disgraced” and that Mr. Wade’s trips to the White House add to signs that the case is another example of “election interference” meant to thwart his 2024 bid for the presidency. -Epoch Times

Trump co-defendant Micahel Roman has alleged that Willis' relationship with Wade allowed her to benefit from taxpayer funds, after Wade took her on several lavish vacations.

Willis claims she reimbursed Wade in cash for everything, so there was no benefit to her.

On Monday, Judge Scott McAfee said that Willis could be disqualified from the case if the evidence shows "an actual conflict or the appearance of one," adding that the purpose of Thursday's hearing was to determine "whether a relationship existed, whether that relationship was romantic or nonromantic in nature, when it formed and whether it continues."