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Zero Hedge
1 Jul 2023

NextImg:Democrat Rep. Has Psychotic Meltdown - Calls Supreme Court "Illegitimate White Patriarchy"

The separation of the political left from any sort of reasonable governance has been obvious for years now.  To put it simply, they see the government as their personal weapon for deconstructing the country so they can rebuild society the way they want.  They believe this is their right - The right of the collective to socially engineer   

The notion that elements of the government might serve the interests of conservatives and independents is an unthinkable heresy.  And, whenever they don't get exactly what they want from the government (which is rare) they immediately act as if they have been betrayed; that an “insurrection” is afoot to enslave them.  

This attitude seems to overlook the fact that every major institution in the US has been catering to the far-left for decades.  Even when GOP Republicans have taken a majority in the House, the Senate or put their man in the Oval Office, the general legislative trend has always taken a progressive direction, to the point that America has become increasingly more socialist in its functions.  It's also the reason why America has become economically and socially unstable.   

In truth, leftists have been getting what they want from governments and the corporate world for so long they have become utterly entitled, like spoiled children.

That's the kind of sad energy we now see on display among Democrats in the face of multiple Supreme Court losses, including the reversal of Roe v. Wade, the blocking of Biden's student loan relief program and the end of affirmative action on college campuses.  All these court decisions really amount to is a reversal of entitlements that never should have existed in the first place.  Leftists see such entitlements as “civil rights,” never mind that they exist as a means to take the rights of others.

Democrat Representative Jaamal Bowman echos this ideology, combining it with a tired and psychotic rant about “white patriarchy” being the core function of the Supreme Court.

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The message?  It's complicated because it's unhinged, but at bottom the far-left wants to fundamentally change the very fabric of the government so that it always acts in their favor regardless of who else is trampled in the process.  Let's try to break down Bowman's claims...

Playing the racism card is the Democrat go-to tactic for a reason.  The primary purpose is to incite civil unrest as a tool for control - “Give us what we want or the cities will burn.”  The secondary purpose is to declare ownership of minorities.  The propaganda acts as if all minorities are a monolith that serves the aims of the political left.  The idea that minorities might also be conservative is ignored.    

Affirmative action has always been a racist policy; it allows institutions to actively discriminate based on skin color and ethnicity.  Interestingly, white people are not the most affected by affirmative action on college campuses; Asian people are the most discriminated against, with double standards in testing and academic excellence designed to keep them out of the classrooms.  According to research from Princeton University, students who identify as Asian must score 140 points higher on the SAT than whites and 450 points higher than Blacks to have the same chance of admission to private colleges.

The notion of a constitutional convention has already been cited by other Democrats including California Governor Gavin Newsom as a means to dismantle the 2nd Amendment, but Bowman seems to be suggesting a convention to completely upend the Supreme Court and the very foundations of the law.  Keep in mind that Democrats have avidly defended the court structure when it works in their favor, but since the court is finally operating on a more constitutional framework they argue it is now corrupt and white supremacist.

Student loan debt relief is nothing more than a way for Dems to buy votes - “Put us in office and we will eliminate the debts you accrued getting that degree that was probably useless.”  Of course, taxpaying Americans would have to cover the bill for debt forgiveness on college loans, not the Democratic Party.  It's rather brilliant when you think about it – Democrats use your money to buy votes to keep themselves in office so they can continue to erode your constitutional rights.  You pay for your own oppression.

People should have to pay for their own debts.  Taxpayers should not have to pay their debts for them. It teaches a terrible lesson to the next generation that if they make mistakes the government will make sure they don't have to learn from those mistakes.

Finally, it's not surprising that Bowman attacks expanded gun rights in his diatribe on affirmative action, given that the political left cannot maintain power unless the public is eventually disarmed.  Leftists believe in majority rule, as long as they are the majority.  If they are the minority, they riot.  If they are the majority, they demand government suppress their political opponents.  In either case, gun rights stand as a major obstacle to them.  

It was only a couple years ago that establishment elites and Democrats were pushing for permanent covid mandates, jail time for those who spread information contrary to the government narrative and economic discrimination for anyone who refused to take the vaccines.  The political left took the mask off completely and showed who they really are.  They cannot be trusted to rewrite or rebuild core government structures. 

Their hatred of the Supreme Court is not based on any legitimate grievances, it's based on how they view power.  The court is a center of power that does not always act according to the dictates of social justice Marxism.  They see the court as just another "platform" that needs to be co-opted.    

Many conservatives and moderates also have concerns bout how the Supreme Court makes decisions, but one cannot deny the constitutional logic behind their recent rulings.  It's a shift that should have happened a long time ago, though it is happening in an era in which leftists see ideological deviation as treason.  They will use every trick at their disposal to undermine the law and create double standards to their benefit.  Bowman essentially admits that this is the plan.