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Zero Hedge
21 Oct 2023

NextImg:Census Data Shows 871,000 Californians Left The Imploding State In 2022

California has sustained massive population declines since the Covid pandemic. Residents have been fed up with radical authoritarian progressive politicians, as well as shit-covered streets, imploding metro areas, out-of-control homelessness, open-air drug markets, soaring violent crime and thefts, high inflation, out-of-reach home prices, and much much more.

AP News, citing new Census figures, highlighted that a staggering 817,000 individuals left the Golden State in 2022. However, with the addition of 475,000 people moving into California that year, the state saw a net loss of approximately 342,000 residents. 

Texas continues to be the biggest beneficiary of the California exodus. About 102,000 ex-Californians moved to the Lone Star State last year for cheaper cost of living, lower crime, and a friendlier tax environment. 

"We are losing younger folks, and I think we will see people continuing to migrate where housing costs are lower," Manuel Pastor, a professor of sociology and American Studies & Ethnicity at the University of Southern California, said in an interview with AP. 

Pastor said, "There are good jobs in California, but housing is incredibly expensive. It hurts young families, and it hurts immigrant families."

Besides seeking cheaper shelter elsewhere, many folks are leaving the state because of violent crime. The latest FBI data shows Gov. Gavin Newsom's progressive playground is erupting in violent crime following disastrous 'defund the police' policies. Meanwhile, crime is sharply falling in Florida, where 'law and order' is embraced. 

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Democrats have transformed California into a third-world-like state in a matter of years. 

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Wait until the exodus of people and businesses starts crushing tax revenue for cities... 

As for 2023 trends, John Burns Real Estate Consulting recently shared a new report that showed the exodus contined this year.