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8 Apr 2023

NextImg:Joe Rogan Slams “F*cking Crazy” Articles About “Misgendering” Nashville Shooter…

Via NY Post:

Podcaster Joe Rogan slammed the cultural outrage over misgendering a school shooter, and spoke with journalist Michael Shellenberger about how such ideology is a sign of civilization in decline.

A transgender shooter killed students and faculty in March at The Covenant Christian elementary school in Nashville.

News outlets backpedaled on how to refer to the shooter, who was born a woman and initially reported as such, after transgender activists slammed them for misgendering or “deadnaming” the assailant.

Rogan expressed contempt and shock at how “wild” is it that many people would defend the preferred gender identity of a school shooter, “There’s all these articles that came out about the misgendering of the school shooter.”

“First of all, that person’s dead, okay? It doesn’t matter if you call it a boy or a girl, that’s a dead person who killed three children and three adults in a horrific way, went into a school, and shot a bunch of people,” he added.

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