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Joseph Clark

NextImg:Trump blasts Biden for China gaffe during address in Canada

Former President Donald Trump piled on criticism on Saturday after President Biden praised China in a gaffe during his address to Canada’s Parliament on Friday.

Taking to Truth Social, Mr. Trump slammed Mr. Biden for the “really big” mistake and warned that the U.S. was becoming “a laughing stock all over the WORLD!”

“Mistakes like this, a really big one in Canada’s Parliament, are just not allowed to happen,” the former president wrote.

The post accompanied a clip of Mr. Biden’s gaffe during his address in Ottawa.

“Today, I applaud China for stepping up,” Mr. Biden, 80, said during his address. “Excuse me, I applaud Canada.”

“You can tell what I’m thinking about China,” he said. “I won’t get into that yet.”

The gaffe drew laughter from Canadian lawmakers in attendance and was met with heavy criticism from Republicans in the U.S.

“Gaffe or Freudian slip?,” Rep. Byron Donalds, Florida Republican, wrote on Twitter Friday. “Biden ‘accidentally’ praises China when addressing the Canadian Parliament. China is on his mind, and the @HouseGOP knows why.”

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee has launched a sweeping probe into Mr. Biden’s alleged involvement in his family’s overseas business ventures.

The Biden family’s overseas business deals have fueled suspicions of influence peddling because of the huge profits reaped by the family with ventures that were frequent links to countries where Mr. Biden spearheaded Obama White House policy, including China and Ukraine.

Mr. Trump was also quick to highlight the president’s gaffe on Friday.

“‘I want to applaud China…..I mean Canada,’” Mr. Trump wrote on Truth Social soon after Mr.e Biden’s address.

“The room erupted in laughter,” he wrote “This was Biden’s big punchline today speaking before the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Ontario. Just a disaster - We are a Nation in Decline!”

The former president is scheduled to host the first full-scale rally of his 2024 presidential campaign in Waco, Texas later Saturday.

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