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David Freddoso, Online Opinion Editor

NextImg:Florida is using the FACE Act against pro-abortion fanatics

If you're involved at all in pro-life activism, then you have heard of the FACE Act. This is a federal law, signed by President Bill Clinton in 1994, that is typically used to sue pro-life protesters for blocking access to abortion clinics. The idea is to add a steep financial penalty to any possible criminal penalties, as the former can actually be considerably more intimidating than the latter.

This is the very same law under which the Biden Justice Department brought a bogus case against pro-life activist Mark Houck and recently came up empty.


But this same law is now being used for good — against some of the abortion fanatics accused of attacking pregnancy help centers after the leak of the Dobbs decision.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is suing the original two defendants, whom she identifies as Antifa members, Caleb Hunter Freestone and Amber Smith-Stewart, for their alleged attacks on three Florida crisis pregnancy centers last May, June, and July. One of the two, Freestone, has previously been charged with a FACE Act violation, the lawsuit notes, for disrupting a fundraiser for the clinic he allegedly attacked in Hialeah, Fla.

What this means is that their criminal indictment, to which two additional defendants were added this week, could be just the beginning of their problems. The two (or perhaps all four, if the others are added to this lawsuit) could soon be saddled with very large debts that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

In the complaint, Moody notes that the FACE Act "authorizes state attorneys general to bring a civil action against those who threaten persons or damage facilities providing reproductive health services." The text of the law and its definition of "reproductive health services" makes clear that this doesn't only apply to abortion clinics. In fact, a Biden Justice Department official affirmed in congressional testimony last year that FACE also applies to pro-life pregnancy counseling centers.


Moody's lawsuit seeks a $30,000 judgment against the two defendants, plus civil penalties of $140,000 each, plus the state's legal expenses.

Part of the battle against politically correct totalitarianism is going to have to involve the civil courts. If enough people, corporations, and institutions are sued for participating in or abetting left-wing violence, unjust firings due to cancellation, false accusations of racism, forcing the use of fake pronouns, and racial or religious discrimination, then the cost of wokeness goes up. Make wokeness expensive enough, and they'll stop encouraging the fringe mobs.