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12 Aug 2023
John Derbyshire

NextImg:Unequal Justice Continues—Hmong Police Officer Tou Thao Gets Too Much "Justice", Andy Ngo Can't Get Enough

The ideological capture of our justice system was in plain view this week in Minneapolis and Portland.

That we now have a Soviet style of justice will be no news to Radio Derb listeners. I would have spared you further news of it except that this week's illustrations have a neat symmetry: one is a criminal case, the other is civil.

Defendant in the criminal case was former Minneapolis police officer Tou Thao, one of the four police officers on scene when junkie hoodlum George Floyd died under police restraint in May 2020.

This week's event on Monday was the sentencing phase of his state trial. The sentence handed down was four years and nine months for aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter. That is nine months more than the state sentencing guideline for that offense. Plainly we have a dangerous criminal here.

Thao is not just dangerous to the inhabitants of Minnesota, either. Under the double-heopardy rule always applied when a black is killed by a nonblack, Thao is already serving 3½-year sentence on a federal civil rights charge for being beastly to a poor helpless negro. He's a danger to the whole nation!

In fact Thao didn't do anything, only held back a mob while he and the other officers waited for an ambulance. But then, Robbie Bryan didn't do anything either when the Brunswick Three tried to carry out a lawful citizen's arrest on Ahmaud Arbery. You don't have to do anything, just be on the scene when a black criminal dies from an overdose or while trying to grab a loaded gun.

The gods of racial vengeance must be appeased, and the proper way to appease them is to throw a few nonblacks into the volcano now and then.

The judge in Thao's case was the reptilean Peter Cahill. After Thao had told the court at some length about his Christian faith, he concluded by saying, quote: "I did not commit these crimes. My conscience is clear. I will not be a Judas nor join a mob in self-preservation or betray my God." End quote.

Judge Cahill hissed back that, quote: "After three years of reflection, I was hoping for a little more remorse, regret, acknowledgment of some responsibility, and less preaching."

On Tuesday we got a verdict in the civil case bright by freelance journalist Andy Ngo against Antifa rioters who beat him up on various occasions from 2019 to 2021. Ngo had originally named three rioters, but one settled with him out of court. Tuesday's verdict concerned the other two: Elizabeth Renee Richter and John Colin Hacker. The jury found both defendants not liable.

In her closing statements, defense lawyer Michelle Burrows told the jurors that not only does she self-identify as both a progressive and an "anti-fascist," she strongly declared, quote, "I am Antifa," and insisted upon making herself an "I am Antifa" t-shirt, which she said she would wear after the trial.

After announcing her retirement and that this would be her last trial, Burrows then told the jurors that she "will remember each one of their faces."

The trial judge, Chanpone Sinlapasai, seemed happy with all this. She is Laotian-American. I'd tell you more about her except that I'm not sure which of those names is her surname. All the regular sources like Ballotpedia use Sinlapasai.

The English-language Laotian Times, however, which presumably knows a thing or two about Laotian naming protocols, calls her Ms Chanpone. That newspaper also tells us that, quote:

Before becoming a judge, Ms Chanpone devoted 20 years of her legal career to serving refugees, immigrants, and diverse communities in crisis.

You getting a lefty vibe there? Me, too. And Laos, which has a sub-population of Hmongs. Hm; I wonder if she knows Tou Thao?