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29 Apr 2023
James Fulford

NextImg:Immigrant Mass Murder: Mexican Illegal Kills 5 While Drunk In Texas; NYT And WaPo Think This Is A Story About AR-15s

This is an archive link to the story of Francisco Oropeza, a Hispanic in San Jacinto County who apparently went berserk and killed 5 people (ethnicity unknown). It doesn't mention his name.

Reporter Trip Gabriel, retweeting this, refers to him as "man".

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The fact that they don't mention his name is surprising, because there's a link in it to this story:

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With Oropeza's name and picture.

As I've said before, if the headline says "Texas Man" the naive New York Times reader thinks of a guy like this:

That's actually the Sheriff of San Jacinto County, Greg Capers, and when asked how they know the suspect's name, he said in an interview with Click2Houston that they have his name, date of birth and his "Mexican Consulate Card". [8-year-old among 5 dead in mass shooting in San Jacinto County | Sheriff says their neighbor is the accused gunman, April 29, 2022]

I know that because I watched the video—the word "Mexican" does not appear in the article.

The only people who have Mexican Consulate cards (the matricula consular card we've been writing about for over 20 years) are Mexican illegals. Mexican legal immigrants have passports.

Capers, whose county is 76 percent non-Hispanic white—I.E. actual Texans like himself, says in the video that he's been working law enforcement for 41 years and this is the first mass shooting he's seen.

That suggests that this not about Texas gun laws—it's about building a wall, and deporting people.

And I'm serious about the headline making people think this is a white cowboy type: the Washington Post's headline fooled Nicholas Kristof:

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