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2 Dec 2023

NextImg:Shorter Owen Benjamin: I Don't Always Support Persecuting Jews but When I Do ...

Comedian Owen Benjamin took to X (Twitter) to make a few posts about the persecution of Jews he talked about how he would NEVER support the persecution and then listed all the reasons he would support it. He then doubled down the next day to further expand on what he calls the victim mentality of the Jews. 

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Benjamin did have replies on for a while and then made it so only people who subscribe to him on X can reply. We have to assume that is because he assumes people who pay money for his tweets would agree with him, and he would not have to keep defending the indefensible.

The Jewish people in our life have NEVER said they are currently victims, nor do they have a victim mentality. They work hard and bust their butts to get where they are. And Israel fighting back against attacks from Hamas and others who do not think they should exist is NOT 'having a victim mentality'. 

Many on X agreed with us. They were taking Benjamin to task and we loved it! 

Our very own @ingelramdecoucy got in on the action with his famous 'Frog of Shame' tweet. 

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It does, but Benjamin did not seem to think he was saying anything wrong. 

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We cackled at that one. It seems most terrible people tend to be idiots. Seeing it written out made us laugh though. 

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That was a very polite reply for calling for his removal from participation in society. haha 
Comments like this are why we love X (Twitter). 

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OK. Look, we know it is leaning into stereotypes BUT THAT IS FUNNY. Does not matter who you are. 

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Indeed it does. 

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We agree. We will leave it there. That gif seems to sum it up perfectly. 
Keep being classy Owen ... we will be sure to cover it. ;) 


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