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15 Apr 2023
Brett T.

NextImg:Professor known for research on white racism accused of faking data

The only thing that shocks us from this piece from Human Events is that a professor at Florida State was making $190,000 a year — it’s not quite Elizabeth Warren money, but that’s pretty good for a state school.

The story goes that a criminology professor at Florida State has suddenly left his high-paying gig after being accused of making up data for his studies on racism.

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Why would he leave his job? He should just call the whole investigation a racist high-tech lynching and stay on.

C.G. Jones reports:

A criminology professor at Florida State University suddenly left his lucrative position after it was discovered that he skewed statistical data to make racism seem more prevalent than it actually is.

Eric Stewart, who left his $190,000-a-year job, has had five of his six studies taken down after allegations that he fabricated information by altering sample sizes. Though Stewart has denied these allegations, his sixth study, conducted in 2020, drew the attention of an FSU committee, who gathered to discuss Stewart’s findings, per the Daily Mail.

Stewart has not shown up to work in the last months, which could mark the end of his 16-year career at the institution and his long history of academic malpractice. Additionally, it is curious why Stewart would feel the need to fabricate data if racism was truly as prevalent as he made it out to be in his so-called study.

It’s as people said after poor Jussie Smollett was attacked in MAGA country … the demand for racism so outstrips the supply they have to make stuff up.

Among the papers taken down include “Lynchings, racial threat, and whites’ punitive views toward blacks,” “A Legacy of Lynchings: Perceived Black Criminal Threat Among Whites,” and “Ethnic threat and social control: Examining public support for judicial use of ethnicity in punishment.”

Never mind what we said up above; Stewart did say the person who came forward with the accusations “lynched me and my academic career.”

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Anyone who’s been to college knows that only whites can be racist because they occupy the position of privilege.

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