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1 Apr 2023
Doug P.

NextImg:NY Times reporter has a flowery 'metaphor alert' about Sen. Fetterman's hospital release

Democrat Sen. John Fetterman has been released from the hospital after a lengthy stay where he was being treated for clinical depression.

Naturally the media’s asking hard questions about how Fetterman’s health will affect his performance in the stressful job of being a U.S. senator.

Just kidding!

Here’s one of the first reports about Fetterman leaving the hospital from the New York Times:

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That’s got “Pulitzer” written all over it.

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The competition for those positions among so-called journalists these days is fierce.

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All in all, this is some fairly flowery “journalism” that probably wouldn’t have been written about a Republican.

When Mr. Fetterman checked in to the hospital in February, the tulips in the garden had not sprouted. By the time he left after his extended stay, they had bloomed.

As a parting gift to the staff, Mr. Fetterman offered a bouquet of tulips, according to an aide who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe private details of his departure.

Fetterman gave the hospital their own flowers?

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LOL! We won’t hold our breath waiting for the puff piece when McConnell returns.

You also won’t be surprised to know that while Fetterman was hospitalized the Republicans continued to pounce:

Mr. Fetterman and his top aides were set on not rushing his recovery. That was despite his political opponents’ raising questions about his health and his ability to serve in the Senate, given the length of his hospital stay and the lingering effects of a severe stroke he suffered last year that has left him with impairments that have made adjustments to his new job more challenging.

There it is. We certainly know the national media’s not going to raise those questions.


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