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1 Apr 2023

NextImg:Must read: Dr. Strangetweet thread spits straight truth on the Nashville shooting double standard

If you’re a Twitchy regular, you know that Dr. Strangetweet is one of our favorites and creates some really good threads. His most recent about the double standard between the handling of the Nashville shooting and past shootings is no exception.

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Every honest person knows this is exactly right, and it is exactly how things should be.

If an event like the one Dr. Strangetweet imagined were to take place, media and government would be devoted to the message of ‘we must protect trans people from being attacked’ – and that would be appropriate.

That’s not what happened.

Christians were murdered by a transgender person, and media and government are devoted to the message of ‘we must protect trans people from being attacked’.

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We’re not sure what she meant by ‘under attack’, but the version of being ‘under attack’ that doesn’t include being murdered seems preferable.

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Again, Strangetweet nails it. Christians would denounce murder … any murder … regardless of the target. Christianity demands it.

What we wouldn’t see is this:

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Christians wouldn’t say ‘all the lost lives’ are tragic, grouping the murderer in with the victims. In fact, Christians wouldn’t identify with the perpetrator at all. Christians would tell you the killer clearly wasn’t a Christian.

But, yes, that wouldn’t matter. The news outlets would begin the drumbeat of ‘What are Christians going to do to end the murderous hate thriving within their community?’

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‘Will you denounce the actions of your fellow Christian who murdered a transgender person?’

It’s the classic guilt-by-association game the Left plays. By sticking a mic in someone’s face and asking them to denounce an evil act, they’re telling their audience the person has a need to denounce the evil act, as if they somehow had a part in it.

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Of course they wouldn’t. If they did, they’d be arrested. They’d also rightly be called out for staging such protests in the wake of such a horrific tragedy.

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It’s not just ‘trans people’, to be clear. It’s always good to step back and realize the different factions at play here … sort of like remembering Twitter is not real life. (We’re weirdos on here, y’all!)

There are plenty of trans people who just want to be left alone and couldn’t care less if someone agrees with their choices or not.

Then, there are the trans activists. These are the people who media, government, and culture have created a protective barrier around. They are protected in every way. Any person remotely in the public eye who crosses them will be made to pay.

As for ‘celebration of the murderer’? Maybe a little strong, although …

A tweet from TerfLs saying 'RIP Aiden' and wishing the shooter had killed more

There are some truly depraved individuals out there.

Maybe not quite to the level of celebration, but we were subjected to stories about the killer’s artistic flair, articles bemoaning her parents not accepting her, and attempts to paint a murderer as a more sympathetic figure.

This wouldn’t happen if a Christian committed these murders – and it shouldn’t!

Murderers should be held responsible for their actions, and no one else. That’s the (correct) message we’re getting now because the killer is transgender. Law-abiding gun owners, on the other hand, are never afforded that curtesy. They always have ‘blood on their hands’ after a wacko kills people.

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Facts, indeed.

Treat monsters like monsters, regardless of how you feel about their beliefs or politics. End the double standard.