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25 Mar 2023

NextImg:Grifters and presidents and Catturd, oh my! The crossover event nobody asked for

Yes, we’re sharing a tweet from The Lincoln Project’s Twitter toady, Rick Wilson, of a retweet by TDS-afflicted homewrecker, George Conway, of a Truth Social screen cap from former president, Donald Trump, of a Twitter poll created by ardent Trump supporter, Catturd. And, to top it off, the whole mess was retweeted by none other than Tom Nichols.

We’ll give you a minute to read that a few times.

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You know how the Ghostbusters warned us not to cross streams? Yeah, it’s sort of like that.

We don’t care what your current opinion is of the growing Trump / DeSantis feud, this right here is Twitter gold.

First, the grifter class would love nothing more than to see Trump in office again. Nichols, Wilson, and Conway all made names for themselves opposing Trump. The Lincoln Project only exists to suck that sweet, sweet lib cash out of the pockets of Resistance marks.

Second, Rick Wilson beclowns himself by pretending that Trump ‘lost’ Catturd.

(LOL, yep we just typed that sentence out!)

If you follow Twitter politics, you know the Catturd account is a big Trump supporter, hence the poll.

Finally, it is hilarious that Trump shared the poll with the caption ‘NEW POLL JUST OUT …’.

This is why we have Twitter.

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Catturd noticed the former president’s recognition.

We think Catturd’s hilarious. Imagine setting up an account named ‘Catturd’ to voice your political opinions and support, troll a little, and have some fun and end up with 1.5 million followers and gain the attention of former presidents, politicos, Elon Musk, and the greatest publication on the planet: Twitchy! (Had to be done. LOL.)

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It’ll be okay, little Ricky. Hey, you might even get him back. We all know that’s what you want more than anything in the world.

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Accurate. Trump is a guaranteed cash cow.

Don’t think for a second DeSantis wouldn’t receive the Trump treatment if he were to run and win the nomination. It’s what they do.

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True, but we’re not sure Rick Wilson ever did any of that thar book learnin’. (If you know, you know.)

We’re not going to share the tsunami of leftist Twitters screeching like scalded … cats … over Trump and the Catturd poll. Yes, a Twitter poll from Catturd is not a meaningful measure of anything, but it’s funny – as is the left winger wig out over it.

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Correction: A big, stupid, HILARIOUS game! How can you not laugh?

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Grifters gonna grift. Never forget that. People like Wilson will pack up his racist cooler and journey towards the money whenever Trump is no longer in the picture. It’s just the easiest route for him route now.

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LOL. GOP primaries are ugly, folks. As things heat up, it’s going to be intense, frustrating, and annoying.

Just don’t forget to find the humor in things like a dude named Catturd drawing the attention of a former president and getting thousands of angry leftists so fired up they make ‘Catturd’ trend on Twitter!

We at Twitchy will do our best to help take the edge off and bring the fun!

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