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17 Feb 2024
Grateful Calvin

NextImg:Former Mexican Congressman Convicted of 'Gender-Based Violence' for Calling a Man a Man

The global assault on free speech has gotten so widespread, that it's difficult anymore to find a country in the world where woke armies AREN'T trying to take it away. Here in North America, we see that being attacked every day (mostly accompanied by people fighting back, thankfully), and Canada ... well, Canada is just completely lost (for now, at least). 

But we hadn't heard much related to this issue from our neighbor on our southern border. Until now. This week, ADF International -- a group dedicated to defending basic rights and freedoms -- reported that former Mexican congressman Rodrigo Iván Cortés has been convicted of a fictional crime called 'gender-based political violence' and his final appeal in the Mexican court system was denied. 

Cortés' offense? He called transgender-identifying Mexican Congressional representative, 'Salma' Luévano, a 'man who self-ascribes as a woman' on social media.

Umm, that is what Luévano IS. 

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ADF International has more details about the case

Political advocacy group Frente Nacional por la Familia ('National Front for the Family' or 'FNF'), which is headed by Cortés, expressed concern on both Twitter and Facebook after Luévano presented a bill in the Mexican Congress to penalize Christian views on sexuality as a form of 'hate speech.' As a response to the social media posts, Luévano alleged a violation of 'identity rights,' leading to Cortés being charged and convicted as a violent political offender—a clear violation of his fundamental right to free speech.

Following a failed appeal to Mexico’s Electoral Superior Chamber, all avenues for justice in Mexico have been exhausted, requiring Cortés to seek justice at the international level. ADF International filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on 17 January 2024. 

So, just so we're clear, it is Luévano who is trying to make religious beliefs and expression illegal -- and he insulted Christians everywhere by presenting his bill in a mocking bishop's vestments -- but Cortés now has to pay a fine, publicly apologize EVERY DAY for 30 days, and register himself as a 'gender-based political offender.'

George Orwell never even thought of anything this sinister. 

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Don't get us started on Australia. But for this to happen in Mexico, a country that is nearly 80 percent Catholic, is insane. 

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These images are exactly accurate. Crimes of this nature have NOTHING to do with protecting 'gender' (and certainly nothing to do with protecting real women). It is a pure Marxist humiliation ritual, straight out of the Red Guard from Mao's Cultural Revolution.

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The tweet continues: 

... First of all, they are the same sex and appear to be the same color. 

Second, this dispute apparently started because the trans legislator proposed an amendment to the Mexican Constitution that was reportedly anti-Catholic, while dressed in a Pope costume in order to mock Catholics, so there's no evidence being Catholic makes you privileged in Mexico these days. 

But most importantly, the idea that the degree of free speech rights a person should have depends on their location on some imagine hierarchy of privilege created by these lunatics is antithetical to Western liberal values.

Again, Marxism. Also, lunacy (but most Marxism is). Just claim status as an 'oppressed' person and you gain the power. 

It is twisted in its diabolical irony.

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Reject 'preferred' pronouns. Reject gender ideology in ANY form. Once you accept their denial of reality -- even a little bit -- they have won. All that remains is how long it will take for them to come after you. 

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We wouldn't be surprised if they threw a dunce cap on Cortés and forced him to apologize in the public square, while they beat him with canes. 

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Once again, they simply do not care. Just bend the knee. That's all that matters. 

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Yep, like we said, the assault is worldwide.

And just in case you wanted to give Luévano ANY credibility that he really does feel 'victimized,' by Cortés' words, do not. He and fellow transgender Congressman 'Maria' Clemente are part of Mexico's MORENA party, which has introduced legislation in Mexico to enshrine 'sexual rights' without -- wait for it -- age distinctions.

Because of course. They are ALWAYS pedophiles. It's disgusting. 

When Cortés and former Mexican presidential candidate Gabriel Quadri expressed concern about this particularly that the legislation was being proposed by men pretending to be women, that's when they came after them (Quadri has also been convicted of 'gender-based political violence').

Cortes' attorney Kristina Hjelkrem offered the following statement as they continue to fight the conviction internationally:

'More and more, we are seeing the Mexican government violate its citizens’ fundamental and constitutional right to freedom of speech. Cortés spoke out, peacefully, in support of self-evident truth, and for that, he has been convicted as a violent offender and subjected to onerous punishments. Censorship is not compatible with a free society.

It sure isn't. But no one ever accused Marxists of wanting a free society.