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17 Feb 2024
Doug P.

NextImg:Dana Loesch Has Reality Checks for (and About) Rich Celebs Who Lecture You About Guns

After the shootings near the Kansas City Chiefs victory celebration, the anti-gun Left immediately did their usual thing and attacked gun rights. "We need more laws" is often the response. 

Two of the alleged shooters are reportedly minors, which makes it already illegal for them to buy or possess a gun, but the reality of these things never stops many celebs from putting out statements like this one from John Mellencamp: 

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Mellencamp's post caught the attention of Dana Loesch who brought some reality checks and common sense to the usual hysterics from the Left: 

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"That thing that's already illegal should be against the law" is probably one of the more idiotic reactions from the Left.

Here are the answers they don't want to hear: 

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The Left always tries to make the "answer" to this problem to take away the run rights of law-abiding citizens rather than admit the kind of laws (or lack thereof) they support contribute to the problem they then try to blame on Republicans. 

And then there's they hypocrisy from rich celebs:

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These "guns don't make you safer, walls and fences don't work and we need to ban fossil fuels to save the planet" celebs often have armed security, live in gated communities and fly on private jets. The hypocrisy level is massive.


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