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16 Dec 2023

NextImg:Can We Have Mayim Bialik Back As Jeopardy Host for 1000 Please Alex?

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings have been alternating hosting Jeopardy following the death of longtime host Alex Trebek. Alex WAS Jeopardy and trying to fill his shoes was a tall task for anyone. We thought Mayim did it pretty well. She honored Alex as well as brought her own warmth to the show, not to mention she is VERY smart. That helped create confidence in her as a host. 

Ken Jennings is a former champion who won and won and won some more. He did go on a tweet fest in the past about how awful Republicans are so he has not been a favorite to some. His personality is not the greatest and as far as warmth, that is not present in his personality at all. We will say he toned down. He is not nearly as obnoxious as he used to be, but in our opinion, Mayim beats him by a mile. 

Here is Bialik's post on X. 

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Many people had good thoughts and reactions to Mayim Bialik, so why would Sony drop her? 
What is: 'She is Jewish and a vocal supporter of Israel'. 

Sony is not going to come out and say that but if you read some of the quotes on her announcement you will find a TON of hateful antisemitism. We have no proof that was the reason BUT that was probably the reason.
(whispers: ALLEGEDLY to cover our butts).

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Patricia Heaton did not weigh in on her thoughts of why Mayim may have been let go, but Patricia has been a vocal supporter of Israel since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began as has Mayim. Many of the comments on Patricia's post hinted at the same thoughts about the announcement. 

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We did catch posts supporting Ken Jennings but this piece is focusing on Bialik so we are only going to give you this one by Mollie Hemmingway because she was on the same track as we were in our assessment of Jennings. 

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It is not a resounding endorsement but you can go find plenty of those if you search his name on X. We saw a pretty even number of posts who loved Mayim and were sad to see her go as well as those who were celebrating her departure. ALL of the celebration tweets had 1 thing in common. Take a guess what that thing was ... 

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Notice the screen name on that last post? How very progressive, happy to see a Jewish woman let go from her job. 
ANYWAY, without giving those antisemitic posts too much oxygen, you get the main idea. 

Mayim handled it like a pro. We will miss her hosting the show. Bialik seems smart and down to earth so she is sure to land on her feet. We will probably still watch Jeopardy since it is kind of a staple for weekday evenings in many homes, but we will always miss Alex and now Mayim. 

We will end with 'SIMPLE MATH EQUATIONS' for $500. 
What is: Mayim Bialik > Ken Jennings 
Daily Double! What is: Ken Jennings ≠ Alex Trebek


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