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11 Feb 2023
Doug P.

NextImg:Sen. Eric Schmitt's gas stove 'how it started/how it's going' burns the NY Times

There’s a media/Democrat pattern you’re probably very familiar with, and that’s for somebody to make a serious proposal about banning something, and then when the Right spreads that news the Left will claim nobody ever made any such claims and that Republicans are just paranoid and making things up.

A primary example in the last few weeks has been gas stoves. Recently the US Consumer Product Safety Commission chair backpedaled like crazy after the Biden administration was reported to be looking into a gas stove ban.

On this topic, Republican Sen. Eric Schmitt shared a shot/chaser showing that the New York Times has been ready, willing and able to come to the Biden administration’s rescue on this PR backfire:

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The shot:


And the chaser:

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Where in the world would anybody ever get the idea the Biden administration has been looking into banning gas stoves? What a silly little notion!

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It was also pointed out that this administration might not consider “regulating them out of extinction” to fall under the umbrella of what the word “ban” means:

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