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The New American
The New American
3 Jun 2023
Luis Miguel

NextImg:Why the LGBT Acronym Keeps Getting Longer
Luis Miguel
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It’s that time of year again!

“Pride Month” is in full swing, and the LGBT community is flying their rainbow flags and shoving their sex lives in the faces of the public more fervently than usual. As we’ve long since discovered, what they want is for us not merely to “tolerate” their life decisions, but to accept, celebrate, and — ultimately — emulate them.

One of the quirks about this whole degeneracy campaign is that the LGBT label just keeps on growing. It’s almost as though they won’t be content until it includes the entire alphabet!

At one time, they wanted it to be LGBT. Now, it’s “officially” LGBTQIA+, which stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Intersex, Asexual.” Some people have said that the “A” stands for “allies,” but this has provoked backlash from the “queer” members of the rainbow brigade, who don’t want “cis” people (their way of saying normal heterosexual) co-opting their movement.

Speaking of “queer,” many of the elements of their acronym are rather redundant, aren’t they? After all, why include “queer” when it’s already simply a catch-all phrase for gays, bisexuals, and trans? And why include “intersex,” which they essentially use to describe hermaphrodites? A person born a hermaphrodite due to a birth defect is still biologically either a man or a woman, and it does not mean they are gay or lesbian or otherwise identify with the LGBT movement. Putting “intersex” in there forces people into the homosexual ideology against their will.

And why lump asexuals in there? The whole point of the rainbow coalition is that it’s about people’s out-of-the-norm sexual proclivities. Why include those who have no sexual proclivities or sex drive? Just because someone is not interested in pursuing sexual gratification does not mean he or she agrees with the homosexual agenda. In fact, there have been many asexuals throughout history who were morally conservative. Are you going to throw all the asexual monks into the LGBT community now?

The growing acronym has prompted even those within the community to question whether it makes sense. One “queer” proponent asks the question, “Do We Really Need to Add More Letters to the ‘LGBT’ Acronym?”

As the writer notes, one iteration is LGBTQQIP2SAA. This includes “pansexual.” And isn’t that just “bisexual?” What else is a person going to be attracted to besides men and women? Perhaps animals? Inanimate objects? Children? Clearly, the concept of “pansexual” is a dangerous one meant to further corrupt humanity.

The writer also notes that the “2S” stands for “Two Spirit,” which “references a tradition common to several Native American tribes, where some individuals possessed and manifested a balance of both feminine and masculine energies, making them inherently sacred people.”

This is in line with a previous article in which I explained that transgenderism is demonic possession.

As I wrote there:

The repeated use of transgender pronouns is an exercise in occult affirmation for the purpose of invoking the demonic spirits that want to possess the individual’s body.

By repeatedly affirming the spirits’ presence in the person through the use of the pronouns, the possession becomes a reality and the spirits’ influence over the person grows. They get stronger as more people affirm the possession by using the pronouns.

This is why it’s so important for the trans movement that we use their “preferred pronouns.” By refusing to play along, we deprive the demonic spirits of power over the host body.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, celebrity and homosexual advocate Lea DeLaria has advocated using the term “queer” to describe all of these variations of dysphoria, rather than continually stretching the acronym:

“This is the biggest issue we have in the queer community to date and will continue to be the biggest issue until we learn to accept our differences, and that’s the issue,” DeLaria said. “And part of me believes that this inclusivity of calling us the LGBTQQTY-whatever-LMNOP tends to stress our differences. And that’s why I refuse to do it. I say queer. Queer is everybody.”

Well, if deciding on an acronym is your “biggest issue,” then maybe your privileged life isn’t the anguish you persecution-complex gender-benders would like us to believe it is.

But DeLaria’s remark that “queer is everybody” is actually very insightful, and it succinctly sums up why the rainbow nation’s acronym keeps growing.

What they really want is to get as many people as possible — ideally, everyone in society — to become part of their coalition.

At the tactical political level, the Left needed a way to introduce identity politics into the white community so it could control them in the same way it does ethnic minorities. Thus, the LGBT movement, an identity-based voting bloc that reliably votes Democratic. And by adding new “communities” to the spectrum (hermaphrodites, asexuals), they grow that voting bloc.

At the spiritual and moral level, the anti-Christian forces want to ultimately convert all of society to their false “queer” religion. Eventually, they want literally everyone — including regular straight people — to become “queer.” That explains the whole “allies” tag. It’s a way of saying, “Hey, you’re a cis person attracted to the opposite sex. But if you support LGBT and are an ‘ally,’ then you’re queer, too!”

And as the queer brigade marches on, our civilization drags downward to collapse.

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