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The New American
The New American
27 May 2023
Luis Miguel

NextImg:To Defeat the Globalists, You Must Understand This is a Spiritual War
Luis Miguel
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Miscalculating your opponents’ aims is the first step to defeat.

Many on the right who are either observers or activists in politics often find themselves confounded that Democrats and members of the globalist oligarchy further the agenda they do, when it seemingly will hurt them and their descendants as much as anyone else.

For instance, the anarchistic policies promoted in the cities makes them unsavory places to live for anyone. Don’t people like the Clintons, the Rockefellers, and the Soros clan want to live somewhere that’s clean, safe, and attractive?

The first thing to understand, speaking of those at the highest echelons of the Cabal, is just how these people live.

The average American making a decent five or six figures a year has a hard time fully comprehending what it’s like having billions of dollars’ worth of wealth at your disposal, as the top globalists do. 

People like the Rothschilds have money on a scale that allows them a level of isolation from the rest of society the rest of us can’t identify with. They never have to interact with anyone or anything they don’t like. They own enormous tracts of land which they can secure with private security if need be, and there escape the ugliness they have promoted in the cities.

If they want to go to town, they can have entire museums or restaurants or hotels closed off to the public so that their private party doesn’t have to deal with the sights and sounds of the “peasants.”

Again, they live in an entirely different world. It really doesn’t matter how dirty, broken, or dangerous it becomes in the outside world; in their sphere of existence, the globalists, due to their money and power, are always able to create an escape from it all.

It’s probably easier for the regular person to understand all this by remembering that the above-described situation has been the reality for most of human history. It’s only recently that most of the population — of the Western world, at least — has achieved high standards of living with things such as electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, automobiles, and the internet.

But this was not the case throughout history (and it still isn’t in many regions of the world today). In most of history, you had the uber wealthy — the nobility, the aristocracy, the royalty — living opulently in their palaces and estates. Meanwhile, the rest of humanity, whether city-dwellers or serfs on the farms, lived in varying degrees of squalor.

The sordid conditions of the rest of mankind didn’t affect the one percent’s enjoyment of life. Again, they had their spacious palaces filled with artwork, private musicians and entertainers, sumptuous food, fine clothing. They owned their own extensive areas of the woods where they could go hunting without being bothered by the peasantry (think of Bill Gates and other tech billionaires buying up all of America’s land), and lakes so they could go swimming or boating in quiet comfort.

Because of this, the plight of the average person never really mattered all that much to them, except to keep the people content enough to not organize into a peasants’ revolt.

It is the exact same thing today. No matter how bad it gets for us, the oligarchs’ wealth and power affords them insulation from it all. So when conservatives ask, “Why would these people do these things if they’re only hurting themselves?”, the answer is: They aren’t hurting themselves.

But there is another aspect to the globalists’ actions that one must comprehend for their motivation to make sense: The spiritual aspect.

Many well-intentioned individuals on the right do not fully understand the enemy we deal with because they look at things from a strictly materialist perspective. I don’t mean materialist in the moral, consumerist sense, but in the philosophical — looking at the material world but ignoring the spiritual.

A secular explanation is ultimately insufficient to explain the things we behold. Materialists and secular right-wingers will attempt to say “greed” is the root cause of all the rot. But greed alone doesn’t account for the slaughter of babies; the sexual abuse and grooming of children; the erasure of entire nations; the promotion of sodomy and the destruction of the family.

The true cause is evil. Pure and simple. And evil is a spiritual force.

You have heard it said that virtue is its own reward. When a virtuous man does virtuous things, he doesn’t do them for external prizes such as money or fame. He does it because it feels good to be good. 

What must be understood is that when evil corrupts a man’s soul, he takes pleasure in doing evil, regardless of any external motivators. He commits evil for the simple fact that it feels good to do evil. It is an addiction, a hunger that must be fed.

And the more one gives in to evil, the further he is impelled to go. As with a drug, the initial acts of wickedness no longer bring pleasure after a while, so the evil man is induced to greater and greater depths of wickedness.

It truly is a spiritual war. And it is only by fighting at the spiritual level that we can win.