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The New American
The New American
1 Apr 2023
Robert Owens

NextImg:Ready, Set, Sue! Covid Litigation Conference Unites Lawyers, Doctors in Fight for Liberty - The New American
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Article audio provided by the John Birch Society

ATLANTA — “We are in the battle of our lives,” proclaimed Dr. Robert Malone at the first-of-its-kind Covid Litigation Conference held on a rainy, late-March weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. Sponsored by technology entrepreneur-cum-Covid warrior Steve Kirsch and his organization Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, and Mendenhall Law Group, a firm experienced in Covid-related litigation, and supported by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s group Children’s Health Defense Fund, the purpose of the conference was to bring hundreds of lawyers together from across the country and teach them how to sue the pants off Joe Biden, Pfizer, and others who continue to perpetrate a multiplicity of frauds and heinous crimes associated with Covid.

The two-day conference featured presentations from dozens of lawyers who have successfully saved lives, jobs, and reputations, and featured many doctors who put their reputations on the line to provide expert advice and testimony. The assemblage also heard from FDA whistleblower Dr. David Gortler and Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson. Materials were provided to the lawyers in the form of motions, briefs, decisions, medical affidavits, and much more to save time and help increase the speed with which Covid lawsuits can be filed.

Conspiracy-minded Lawyers & Doctors

Story after story of overt miscarriages of justice, callous indifference to human life, rejection of obvious facts, and clear cowardice of people in positions of authority permeated virtually every discussion at every table. “I am so ashamed of my profession,” said Dr. Pierre Kory, a world-renowned expert in critical-care medicine who saw colleague after colleague shrink into pusillanimity. Dr. Kory racked up 11 complaints against his medical license in rapid succession and was ostracized by people that he had once considered close friends.

Attorney James Mermigis shared frustrating stories of how judges would constantly delay rulings to give the government more and more time, and then refuse to issue a ruling. Attorney Mark Meuser documented how California state courts are so hopelessly corrupt that he does not even bother to file certain cases because all it will do is set bad precedent.

The product of all that bad news is the clarity that we are not dealing with good-minded people who are making some unfortunate mistakes. What we have is enemy action. What we have is the fact that many American lawyers and doctors are no different than the German lawyers and doctors who scraped inches of ash from human remains off their cars each morning and did nothing to stop the holocaust under Nazi totalitarianism.

“Hospitals are not run by doctors; they are run by evil administrators,” said Dr. Paul Marik, another world-renowned physician ostracized by his close friends and driven into retirement from his tenured faculty position at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Attorney Warner Mendenhall pointed out that corporate executive officers at the major Fortune 500 companies were incentivized with millions of dollars in bonus payments if their employee roster reached 90-percent mRNA jab compliance. Dr. Marik pointed out that hospital systems that kill people with remdesivir get $500,000 per corpse. The body fees are still substantial for killing people other ways, but the big money is for death by remdesivir, and hospital administrators have a rapacious appetite for bodies. That’s why there was so much pushback against ivermectin and an insistence that every death be labeled a Covid death.

There was no debate as to the source of this evil. “This is a spiritual battle,” proclaimed law professor and constitutional lawyer Deana Pollard Sacks. The realization that Covid is but a symptom of a larger attack on Americanism, the Constitution, and middle-class America in general was ubiquitous here. The goal of the oligarchical global elite is not money — they have that. Their goal is raw, unchecked global power. Their names include Klaus Schwab, Larry Fink, and Bill Gates. They assemble at such organizations as the United Nations, World Economic Forum, Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations, and these organizations are the genesis points of the evil that has come to America under the name of Covid. “Five years ago, if you said I would agree with The John Birch Society, I would have said you were nuts. But the Birchers have been right all along,” said Minnesota trial lawyer Joseph McCartin.

Covid has taken a terrible toll, but a certain byproduct of that sacrifice is that thousands of lawyers and doctors all over America are now fully aware that a global conspiracy to destroy the sovereignty of the United States, completely scrap any vestige of our constitutional heritage of liberty, and enslave the American people in a technocratic, fascist hell is very real and quite advanced in its progress.

Fifty Ways to Sue Joe Biden

“Our Constitution is the finest system of government ever devised by man, and we cannot give up on it,” stated New York civil rights lawyer Bobbie Anne Flower Cox as she argued in favor of using the courts to impede the progress of the globalists and put meaning to the Constitution. “If we don’t act, it’s like we are saying it [the Constitution] doesn’t matter anymore,” she added.

Panel after panel delved into the nuts and bolts of the various ways to sue every level of government and every public or private person, business, association, entity, or partnership of any description whatsoever involved in perpetrating Covid fraud and harm. “We dug up the 1859 California Common Carrier Law and sued Google,” stated Meuser — who was, by 30 minutes, the first lawyer in the nation to file a Covid-related lawsuit — as he encouraged his fellow trial lawyers to be aggressive and think outside the box. Like an homage to the Paul Simon song 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, this conference included a play-by-play account of every type of lawsuit either filed or conceptualized to be filed on the Covid issue. More importantly for legal practitioners, the briefs, legal research, and complaints for Covid litigation are already prepared and ready for lawyers to utilize in their communities to protect their neighbors and fellow citizens.

This writer was a trial lawyer for nearly two decades, with multiple victories on constitutional issues in the Ohio Supreme Court, and was generally aware of the existence of individual citizens’ ability to sue on behalf of the United States Government if they are aware of a fraud being perpetrated upon the government. But I had no appreciation that it was a $2 billion a year industry!

United States Code §§ 3729 – 3733 is a federal statute originally enacted in 1863 in response to a defense contractor’s fraud during the War Between the States. Known as “Lincoln’s law,” the statute provided that any person who knowingly submitted false claims to the government was liable for double the government’s damages plus a penalty of $2,000 for each false claim. The law includes a qui tam provision that permits people who are not affiliated with the government, called “relators” under the federal law, to file actions on behalf of the government — aka whistleblowing when the relator is employed by the organization accused in the suit. Persons filing under the law stand to receive a portion of any recovered damages, varying from 15 to 30 percent depending on certain factors. Revised and enhanced in 1986, the law is still on the books today.

“The lawyers at Pfizer are well aware of qui tam cases,” quipped Oakland, California, litigation attorney and qui tam veteran Jeremy Friedman as he documented the millions of dollars Pfizer has paid out for fraudulent dealings on medical products unrelated to Covid. However, “These are complex cases that can be easily ruined,” he added, and recommended that anyone with solid documentation of fraudulent activity should first talk to a trusted local lawyer, if at all possible, and then contact the Mendenhall Law Group to be connected to a specialist. “I am a solo practitioner and I do this because it’s a mission for me, but I can’t answer 99 calls — don’t call me,” responded Friedman to inquiries for referral advice.

Cold sobriety was in effect as the lawyers discussed major legal problems such as standing, mootness, and just plain bad law. In surgeon-like fashion, they discussed ways around the PREP Act, an executive edict passed in March 2020 providing immunity from liability to jab manufacturers. Ironically, the PREP Act is the only thing associated with the mRNA jab that actually provided some level of “immunity.”

The effect of bad legal precedent on the Covid issue today could lead to catastrophic consequences. For example, in 1905 the U.S. Supreme Court issued an opinion in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, a case in which the court held that a mandatory vaccine program was constitutionally permissible. That case was relied upon in 1927 in Buck v. Bell, a case in which the Court ruled that it was constitutionally permissible for the government to forcibly sterilize certain people whom they deemed undesirable. This exact same logic stream then led to the 1944 case Korematsu v. United States, in which it was deemed constitutionally permissible to arbitrarily round up American citizens and put them into concentration camps. “This was a trilogy of infamy,” pointed out attorney Robert Barnes, one of the lead lawyers for Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson. There was universal agreement from the lawyers assembled that they would be the warriors to fight back against the obvious parallels to a sad chapter in American jurisprudence.

Small- & Solo-firm Movement

“This is a small-firm movement” said attorney Jeff Childers. To emphasize the point in a manner akin to polling a potential jury pool during voir dire, he asked the audience to put up hands for lawyers in firms of 100 or more lawyers. Zero hands. Next, hands up for firms of 50 or more lawyers. Zero hands. Next, hands up for 20 or more lawyers. One hand. Next, solo practitioners or firms of five or fewer lawyers. Virtually every hand in the room went up. Large law firms that have major resources to invest in the fight were AWOL.

A stunning similarity was evident in the early moments of the conference. Virtually all of the lawyers present had never filed a constitutional case before, had never been anti-vax before, and had never sued the government in any capacity before. They had no idea how to even get service of process on someone like Joe Biden. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into, they just knew what is happening is wrong and every fiber of their being was telling them to stand up and fight. It should come as no surprise that the spirit of the Lord was ever-present over the two-day conference, and many of the presenters prayed. Many of the presenters quoted Scripture as the highest authority, and there was specific intercessory prayer for those injured and killed by Covid fraud.

Money & Funding Litigation

Discussing ways that the litigation effort could be rapidly scaled up for maximum damage to the international globalist elite, lead conference sponsor Warner Mendenhall, Esq. said, “We are looking to expand this conference and have more of them all over the country. It’s very early, but we are working on a nationwide non-recourse loan system to help fund more Covid litigation.”

Mary Holland, president and general counsel of Children’s Health Defense Fund, has been a vaccine-injury litigation attorney for more than 20 years. She detailed the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have already been paid out in legal fees on Covid cases, and the manner and methods by which Covid litigation is on its way to yielding hundreds of millions of dollars in legal-fee awards in the years to come. In cases like civil rights violations or Section 1983 deprivation of rights cases, there are specific statutory provisions for attorneys to recover fees and costs.

The fact remains that, in comparison with the typical fees paid by government and private businesses on civil rights claims in non-Covid cases, the amount of fees recovered in Covid cases to date is … well, let’s go with “paltry,” to be kind. If you presented this business plan to the “Shark Tank” investors, they would accuse you of wasting your time trying to make “tens of dollars.” Far more than mere pecuniary interest, however, the motivation for the lawyers at this conference was doing what is right for God, for the Constitution, and for the community. A “George Mueller”-inspired litigation funding strategy is currently standard operating procedure.

The panelists generally recommended that lawyers get a $5,000 to $10,000 retainer from any potential plaintiff for the purpose of covering expenses and evaluating the case carefully. There are cases that may seem great at first but have fatal problems as you get into them. There are cases that seem like total dogs at first but are actually diamonds in the “ruff.” It was highly recommended to work with other solo practitioners and small firms on collaborative projects and seek out the advice of experts and specialists. Many of the veteran, successful lawyers present pledged to serve as mentors and guides for lawyers seeking to get into the Covid litigation arena. At the moment, most Covid litigation funding is crowdsourced. “We raised $5,000 for a case on Facebook!” yelled out one unidentified lawyer during one of the Q&A sessions.

Most Cases Rejected

“I reject 99 percent of cases I evaluate,” said veteran vaccine injury lawyer Kyle Moore of Sarasota, Florida. The issue is not one of callousness or indifference, but rather a function of the extreme expense and time necessary to properly bring a case. “Federal complaints have to be 30 to 60 pages long and be ultra-detailed and supported with expert documentation,” noted Meuser. The result is that the cases are massive financial undertakings and must be as “clean” as possible, since lawyers have to assert claims like a Hall of Fame quarterback threading the needle for touchdown if they want to score against a robust Covid defense. “It is critical that we advance the best cases first,” warned Meuser, who pointed out that successful cases need to consider forum and judge assignment (especially the judge’s political connections), among other too-sad-to-admit realities of fighting for freedom in this space.

Solutions Presented

There are many important takeaways from the conference, even for non-lawyers.

If you do not currently have an advance directive with specific Covid information, you need to get one — and quick. “Hospitals are dangerous places — don’t allow your loved ones to go there,” noted Dr. Marik as he implored the lawyers to have advance directives prepared correctly and made available in their communities.

Some key legislative recommendations were also made. Chief among them was advocated by Dr. Kory, who noted that a simple change in most states’ “Right to Try” law to include use of off-label prescriptions would be a major advance. “Currently we can use legal means to prevent use of certain medical protocols, but we often lack legal authority to compel hospitals to administer a patient’s preferred method of care,” noted Dr. Kory.

And lastly, many of the lawyers present indicated the need for a community-based organization to target area opinion molders (fellow doctors and lawyers, as well as business leaders, clergy, and others) and educate them on how to develop relationships, raise money, and fund critical local projects necessary for the preservation of liberty.

Toward that worthy goal, this writer recommends forming a business and professional chapter of The John Birch Society. Founded in 1958, the JBS is the “intelligence agency” for the liberty movement and the leadership training academy for exceptional Americans dedicated to a pursuit of liberty and justice. The JBS has the intelligence resources, support staff, and training officers to help build a powerful and long-lasting local organization that can fund liberty-oriented projects in your community — through Covid litigation and beyond. Information on starting a chapter is available on