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The New American
The New American
16 Dec 2023

NextImg:Muslim Teens Beating Up Santa Claus Shout “This Is Our Country!” - The New American
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Is Santa Claus soon only going to be safe at the North Pole — that is, unless that icy region, too, is strengthened with diversity? One could draw this conclusion after an attack on a middle-aged man dressed as St. Nick, by Muslim youths who, obviously, didn’t care that Santa was making a list and checking it twice. What’s more, the victim states that during the assault the teens shouted “This is our country!”

The kicker: This didn’t happen in Iraq, Bangladesh, Indonesia, or even Nigeria — but in Germany.

As CF reports:

The 54-year-old victim was due to perform at the Königsalm on Königsplatz in the city of Kassel on Dec. 6 when he was approached by a gang of youths who crossed the street and confronted him.

According to the victim, Rainer B., the gang comprised several teenagers of a migrant background around 15 years of age. He told police they insulted him, calling him a “son of a bitch” and a “fat man” and ordered him to remove his Santa Claus costume.

They said they were Muslim and that Germany was “their country,” the victim said….

When he refused, the gang turned violent and struck him, resulting in injuries to his neck and tearing his costume. In self-defense, the man hit one of his attackers in the face, causing them to flee towards Martinsplatz.

The victim noted that several people witnessed the attack and, rather than intervening, laughed at him and applauded the migrant attackers.

The attackers were reportedly between 14 and 16 years of age with black hair, and were dressed in dark clothing, the man told the police.

The report further notes “that while the victim was able to attend his scheduled event, photographs with kids were cancelled due to the injuries and damage to his costume,” adds

“The performer vowed to ‘carry on,’ [sic] as Santa but said he will arm himself with pepper spray in the future.”

Of course, if moderns had just armed themselves with common sense, say critics, none of this would be happening. For example, American Thinker’s Olivia Murray writes, reporting on the Santa bashing:

Why did it take another iteration of Islam clashing with the civility and Judeo-Christian ethos of the West for certain people to realize it was a bad idea to manufacture such a collision? Since when has orchestrating the saturation of destitute Muslims with Third World mentalities in a Western nation ever benefited the hosting population? How could a group of people so conditioned to chaos and savagery, and who strive for conquest by violence, oppression, and fear ever assimilate to a society that values the protection of the vulnerable, and Judeo-Christian character and honor? Should a successful society built by ethnic Germans cater to hateful foreigners that only want to tear it all down, rape German daughters, and kill German sons?

But fear not, the immigrationist pseudo-elites are endeavoring to build bridges; as the headline below indicates, in fact, all they need do is convince Muslims that “Christian” symbols really, truly, actually are their own.

Germany: Public broadcaster NDR says origin of the Christmas tree is to be found in the Qur’an.”

Whew! That’s a relief. We can no doubt all just get along now — as soon as we get through the current intermediate phase reflected via this headline:

Pro-Hamas demonstrators increasingly target Christian symbols.”

However, on the heels of patriotic anti-immigrationist Geert Wilders’ unexpected election victory in Holland, Germans may be wising up ein wenig, as per the following:

Germany: New CDU [Christian Democratic Union] manifesto says ‘Muslims belong to Germany so long as they ‘share our values.’”

Now, if they just start talking not about values but “virtues,” they won’t merely be wising up; they’ll be wise.

To this end, they should perhaps consider the sage words of a Bangladeshi Christian who, commenting on his coreligionists’ persecution in his country, said that many “Muslim children ‘grow up with a nasty mentality to hate other faiths.’” Many “people ‘express their desire for conversion’ to Christianity, but they don’t follow through with it due to ‘threats of killing and persecution,’” he added, reports the group International Christian Concern.

Nonetheless, immigrationists assure us, the diversity in question will work out swimmingly in the West. We just need to get over some hurdles, as reflected in the following mostly recent events:

Meanwhile, we’ll just have to be patient, understanding, and culturally sensitive. This may mean a slap on the wrist for Germany’s Santa bashers, too, especially if this Thursday headline is any guide:

Attacking Muslims Gets You 5 Years. Attacking Jews Gets a Pass.”

But it must be emphasized, as our enlightened betters remind us, that none of this has anything whatsoever to do with Islam. So just remember that our strength lies in our diversity, all cultures and faiths are morally equal and that, should you have any doubleplusungood thoughts, to take a scourge to thy back.