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The New American
The New American
30 Sep 2023
Selwyn Duke

NextImg:Have Media Found Their Greta Thunberg of “Gender” Madness? - The New American

Hadi Rahim

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“No, we’re not being ‘indoctrinated,’” says one Hadi Rahim. “Don’t fall for” the idea that “gender” ideology is in American schools. It’s all an illusion.

He must know what he’s talking about, too; after all, The Charlotte Observer saw fit to publish the 17-year-old’s op-ed on Friday. Well, that’s the main-teen media for you.

Rahim is a senior at Apex High School in Wake County, North Carolina. Claiming there’s been no sexual-devolutionary conditioning during his classes, he writes, “Take it from a cisgender, straight and quite frankly very boring high school senior: No, we’re not being ‘indoctrinated.’”

Hmm, methinks this is what kids his age call (or, at least, did not long ago) a “self-own.” No, a lad calling himself “cisgender” — and who lists personal pronouns, I’ll add — hasn’t been indoctrinated at all.

That aside and taking his claim at face value, Rahim apparently thinks he can extrapolate his anecdotal experiences, in his classes during his 3.3 years of high school, to the whole country. Well, yes. I’ve never been killed in my swank little suburb, so murder must just be a figment of fearmongers’ imagination.

In fact, Rahim attributes Americans’ virtue-driven concerns to paranoia. He writes:

Moral panics have always plagued American political culture. From the Salem witch trials to the Red Scare, from rock ‘n’ roll to the War on Drugs, large and primarily conservative chunks of America raise hell against people for appearing superficially out-of-place. The most volatile often involve children and education. The 1980s and ’90s were full of debates over what to teach children. Evolution vs. creationism, abstinence-only vs. contraception, and school prayer vs. secularism.

Of course, though, we don’t have to search history for moral panics. Strangely, however, Rahim didn’t mention the current (im)moral panics over “white supremacy,” MAGA being a “threat to democracy,” and “Christian nationalism.”

Anyway, according to Rahim, schoolroom sexual-devolutionary indoctrination exists only in people’s imagination. The problem is, there’s this:

Middle-school training documents uncovered in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 2014 already counseled teachers to avoid “gendered expressions” and not call “students ‘boys and girls’ or ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ but to instead use more generic expressions like campers, readers, athletes or even purple penguins to be more ‘gender inclusive,’” reported the organization Nebraska Watchdog at its website.

There’s also this: “Okemos Public Schools in Michigan uses the ‘GenderBread Person,’ a resource designed for students as young as five years old, to teach reproductive health,” related Parents Defending Education last year. “The diagram [at the linked webpage] explains gender identity, attraction, gender expression, and anatomical sex.”

Then there’s the California mother who just got a court-ordered settlement of $100,000 for her illusion: Her daughter’s school had “socially transitioned” her girl into a boy without her knowledge, reports Back Edge News.

If that’s not enough, there are also testimonials from educators themselves. Below is a preschool teacher talking about how she and her colleagues indoctrinate their tiny charges with “gender” ideology.

Here’s another woman, identified as a teacher, mentioning how her students will be forced to accede to her sexual delusions (warning: contains vulgarity):

And below is a parent at a school-board meeting reading from a book available to high schoolers (warning: graphic material).

Finally, (dis)honorable mention goes to Cherry Creek School District in Colorado, which reportedly made obscenely pornographic material available to elementary school kids. (The images are so indecent that the tweet can’t be posted here.)

Note, too, that the above is just a minuscule sampling of such material.

Of course, Rahim’s claims that not “once has a teacher discussed sexual orientation or gender identity” in any of his classes and that indoctrination “doesn’t happen” at his school may very well be true (though he apparently is already quite the little activist). While his town of Apex leans Democratic, it’s more Republican than surrounding areas; moreover, not all school districts and teachers embrace the sexual devolutionary agenda. Yet something else also must be considered:

When indoctrination is effected most skillfully, its targets don’t even know they’ve been brainwashed. Rather, they fancy “their” ideas the result of their own brilliance and enlightenment.

Regardless, some of Rahim’s words should absolutely be heeded. Making the case that his views weren’t shaped via schooling, he writes, “Gay couples and homosexuality were something that I gradually became aware of as I got into my tween years — not from lesson plans or even lectures from my parents, but rather through the internet and friends sharing stories.”

I’ve long warned that while school-borne propaganda is significant, far more so are entertainment and social-media influence. The lesson here is that not only must children be insulated from corruptive entertainment during their formative years, but social media should also be off limits. That is, unless you want popular culture shaping your kids’ moral compasses.

As bad as the things “not happening” in the U.S. are, however, news from overseas proves they could get even worse. For example, a new Dutch TV show titled Gewoon Bloot (“Simply Naked”; video below) features MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status, aka “transgender”) adults stripping naked in front of 10- to 12-year-old children.

Then, several “daycare centers in Germany are reportedly considering or have already implemented ‘sexual exploration rooms’ where children can engage in sexual games and discover what they find pleasurable,” Fox News informed last month.

Rest assured, too, that when these kids grow up, they’ll insist that if you think they’ve been indoctrinated, it’s all in your tinfoil-hat-ensconced head.