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The New American
The New American
21 Feb 2023
Selwyn Duke

NextImg:The Military Prioritizes Diversity While Our Enemies Focus on Killing Us - The New American
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Did you hear about the new Chinese and Russian military doctrine stating that they will not, under any circumstances, attack a diverse opposing force?

Me neither.

Despite this, the Department of Defense (DoD) appears to be focusing more on making our side diverse than on making it devastating.

Just consider a video the DoD recently tweeted from its Office for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’s annual DEI Summit, held February 15-17. The department proclaims in its tweet (below) that “[d]iversity is a strategic imperative critical to mission readiness and accomplishment.” How this is so was not explained — and never is.

The DoD stated that the event involved “distinguished presenters and renowned experts in government, higher education, business, science, and technology.” This was surely meant to impress, but it didn’t work — as the response was not positive.

Jeremy Redfern, deputy press secretary for Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), spoke for many when writing, “Your entire mission is to deter an attack on the US homeland, and if there is a war, to effectively and efficiently destroy the enemies of the United States. That’s it.”

Elon Musk opined likewise, quite succinctly. “Your strategic imperative is defending the United States,” he wrote.

Babylon Bee owner Seth Dillon added, “This is embarrassing.”

Then, managing director of Thiel Capital and podcast host Eric Weinstein added some perspective. “I don’t know how to tell you this,” he began. “You are against ‘equity’: you are SUPPOSED to be a merit driven hierarchical organization to your core. 4-F is an example of what? Exclusion. ‘Unfit for military service.’”

“As for diversity,” he concluded, “You are SUPPPOSED to be ableist, ageist, etc.”

Obviously. Also plain is that embracing the merit imperative never actually yields diversity, not the kind the bean-counting, identity-politics-oriented, wokester social engineers desire, anyway. Think about it: What merit-driven entity or grouping is diverse? The NBA?

It’s 75 percent black.

The NHL? Its players are 90 percent white.

Oh, the two leagues are also 100 percent male.

Speaking of which, only “37 of the more than 1,600 international chess grandmasters are women,” The Conversation informed in 2020. Diversity?

Then there’s the fact that Jews are only 0.2 percent of the world’s population but have won at least 20 percent of its Nobel prizes. There are other examples, too, but the point has been made. To wit:

Do you really think our military will be the first entity in history to prioritize something over merit but nonetheless, almost magically, somehow wind up being the best?

Most doubt this, and talk-show host Jesse Kelly spoke for millions of them. “We’re gonna lose a major war,” he warned, also responding to the DoD tweet.

Of course, one could hope that all the DEI talk is just posturing, window dressing applied to placate politically correct civil authorities. Perhaps the incompetence is an illusion. Maybe, in fact, it’s as with a story about the Iraq War related by someone close to me, a man who has long been in the computer tech business, over dinner on Saturday.

A fellow in his field, who once worked with the government, recently recounted to him an incident in which the Iraqis were firing on American troops with a weapons system we could have disabled, perhaps via hacking. We didn’t do so, however, because our military didn’t want adversaries to know we possessed that capability (the man could now relate this information because it has been declassified).

In this vein, maybe we could even hope that the recent footage the government released of UFOs traveling through air and water in ways that appear to defy physical laws actually depict experimental U.S. military crafts. (No, I don’t really think this is plausible.)

Were that the case, we’d have nothing to fear from China or Russia — but still plenty to fear from our own government. And in fact, warns Representative Jim Banks (R-Ind.), we should be concerned about the feds regardless, with how the Left has been pushing wokeness in the military.

“We must wonder what the Left wants to do with an anti-American military?” he recently wrote in the American Mind. “For generations Americans never had to think about the Founders’ warnings about the dangers to civil government by a standing army. This has become an immediate question.”

The reality here is simple, however. Whatever our capabilities, formidable tools may not help carry the day when in feeble hands. Wokeness is an intensification of political correctness, aka the suppression of Truth for the purposes of promoting a left-wing agenda. It is the embrace of a lie.

Those accepting lies, distortions of reality, can fall out of touch with reality, too. And people detached from reality can’t keep us safe; they sure can blunder is into WWIII, though.

But whether or not our military can take on China or Russia, it certainly can subdue the American people. And who knows? Maybe that’s all our pseudo-elites really care about.

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