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Whole-genome sequencing of newborn babies
              presents ethical quandaries.
                                The Economist, May 2022

You’re going to have a baby.
You’ve wanted one since
the pair of you fell in love
with your custom reconstruction
of an epic narrative:
Odysseus drags himself, bloodied, from the surf.
Athena, gray-eyed, wraps him in an unguent fog
and gifts him to a curious Penelope.
Aren’t new lovers the heroes of their tales?

Next, your lineage, your Telemachus,
arrives, sprung from
the lime-colored grass of a spring afternoon.
But did you consult the prophets first?

Some 7,000 rare diseases lie in wait,
a Trojan army out beyond the plain.
All genetic. All in battle garb,
dark eyes restless
through their helmet slits.
One is all it takes.

Pay enough, and
the seers tell you everything.
The new Cassandra predicts entirely
the issue of your loins.
An office consultation looms
in which you hope
she won’t need to keen
in a bloodshot voice.

Now, no one can dismiss such a figure,
so robed in utter potency.

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The featured image is “Cassandra” (1850–1934) by John Maler Collier, and is in the public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.