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The Liberty Loft
The Liberty Loft
9 Sep 2023
Bob Unruh

NextImg:Weaponized prosecutors are denying Trump 'constitutional right to due process'
President Donald J. Trump departs the White House and prepares to board Marine One Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, en route to Joint Base Andrews and ultimately heading to Charlotte, N.C. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

The weaponized prosecutors in the various Democrat-supported legal cases against President Donald Trump are denying him his “constitutional right to due process,” according to a legal expert.

And, “The world is watching,” charges Alan Dershowitz in a column posted at the Daily Caller News Foundation.

He’s the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus at Harvard Law School, and has 60 years of experience in America’s courtrooms.

Trump is being targeted by leftists in the Department of Justice and state agencies for his “crimes” that include making telephone calls and expressing his opinion about the suspect 2020 president election and more. In Georgia he’s accused of doing the same thing that Al Gore did in 2000, actions for which he never even was considered for charges.

Dershowitz explained, “The four criminal trials currently scheduled for former President Donald Trump are amongst the most significant and controversial trials in American history. It is imperative that they also be among the fairest trials in our history. Regardless of the results—acquittal, conviction, hung jury—the trials must be perceived as having been fair. The defendant must receive the benefit of all of his constitutional and statutory rights. Not only is Donald Trump on trial in these cases, but the American system of justice is on trial, not only in America but around the world.”

He noted Trump’s tenure in the White House and the fact he’s the leading candidate against octogenarian Joe Biden.

“Never before in our history has a leading presidential candidate been indicted, especially in the run-up to the election. If the trials themselves are unfair or even reasonably perceived to be unfair, our nation will be further divided and our standing in the world of democracies will be further damaged,” he warned.

He pointed out that many on the left demand that someone “get” Trump.

“Many believe that the noble end of preventing Trump from being our next president justifies ignoble means, including stretching the Constitution and the law so as to assure his conviction. They believe that the reelection of President Trump would be more dangerous than compromising his constitutional rights,” he said. But that opinion, he said, is “shortsighted.”

It’s because right now it seems Trump is being denied “his most fundamental constitutional right—to present his defenses to an unbiased jury.”

The timing and location of those court events are at issue.

He said prosecutors all are trying to line up trials at the height of the 2024 presidential election race.

“Even if these convictions were subsequently to be reversed on appeal, they will have served their intended purpose in influencing centrist voters, which is why they are prepared to rush to legal injustice—to serve what they view as ‘political’ justice,” he said.

“As a lawyer with 60 years of experience litigating and teaching about complex criminal cases, I have absolutely no doubt that a fair trial cannot be accomplished within this time frame,” he said.

He cited one case, the RICO claims made by a leftist local prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia. It is in this case the prosecutor is trying to contend that making phone calls and having meetings is illegal.

Dershowitz said he’s never seen a case with such extreme legal complexities, and “millions of documents” going to trial is such a short time.

“The same is true of the D.C. case, where the judge insisted the public has a right to a speedy trial under the 6th Amendment,” he said.

“This is nonsense: Only the defendant has the right to demand a speedy trial,” he charged.

And he said going after a Trump conviction in a “speedy but unfair” trail would blast the “neutrality” of the judicial system.

Further, the location is important, especially as in Washington, where some cases are going on, “Many of those potential jurors hate him with a passion that would surely influence their deliberations.”

He warned changes will be needed, “But as of now, Donald Trump is being denied his constitutional right to due process. The world is watching.”

This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

This post originally appeared on WND News Center.