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The Liberty Loft
The Liberty Loft
30 Sep 2023
Jack Davis

NextImg:Putin Orders Nationwide Nuclear Attack Response Drill for Day Before US National Emergency Alert Test

One day before the United States conducts a major test of its emergency alert communications network, Russia will hold drills in the event of a major nuclear attack.

On Wednesday, the United States’ Federal Emergency Management Agency will test its Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

According to The Hill, the test will occur about 2:20 p.m. Eastern Time unless bad weather postpones it for a week. This will mark only the second time FEMA has tested its national alert system for cellphones, which will be accompanied by a test through radios and TVs.

In response to the FEMA test, Russia scheduled for Tuesday its drills due to the “growing danger of armed conflicts including [with] nuclear-capable powers near Russia’s borders,” according to Newsweek, which on Friday cited as its source the Baza Telegram channel, which Newsweek said is linked to Russia’s security services.

The drills have never taken place at a national level before, Newsweek reported.

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The scenario under which the drills will take place is that Russia is at least partially under martial law and that as much as 70% of the nation’s housing has been wrecked. Baza said the drills would suppose general mobilization has stopped and there is a danger of nuclear contamination from an expected attack.

The report said everyone “from civil defense leaders to heads of state corporations” will participate.

Britain’s Metro reported the test scenario says that “the risk of armed conflicts escalating into local and regional wars, including those involving nuclear powers, is increasing.”

“The threat to the safety of the population is posed by the risk of the use by a possible … enemy of modern long-range means of defeat, as well as possible attacks using unmanned aerial and watercraft,” the scenario says.

The scenario says Russia’s government has “taken a decision to develop measures aimed at increasing the readiness of civil defense forces and means to take measures to protect the population, material and cultural property on the territory of the Russian Federation, including general evacuation from danger zones.”

According to the scenario, drills will respond to possible “accidents at hydraulic structures, chemically and radiation hazardous facilities,” leading to what it calls “secondary hazards.”

As part of the drills, “non-staff emergency rescue teams” will distribute food and medical supplies and protection against radiation.

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Russia’s drills will come four days before the 71st birthday of the nation’s leader, Vladimir Putin.

The drills will be held as Mikhail Kovalchuk, leader of the Kurchatov Institute, is calling for Russia to conduct a massive nuclear weapons test in the Arctic, according to Metro.

“I think this is a correct idea,’ he said, adding that if a test is contacted “at least once,” then “everything will fall into place.”

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